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How To Get Here:


Click Here to get directions from Naver Maps or follow the directions below:



1A:  From Seoul or cities north of Daejeon, take the Gyeongbu Expressway South to Hoeduk IC on the Honam Expressway (251).


1B:  From Busan or Daegu or cities south of Daejeon, take the Gyeongbu Expressway North to Hoeduk IC on the Honam Expressway (251)


2:  Continue to the North Daejeon Tollgate.


3:  Follow signs to Daedeok Techno Valley or Geumsil Golf Course and Country Club.


4:  Take the next right toward Jeonmindong or Tanlipdong


5:  Continue straight for a little over a kilometer til you see the Prugio Heim Apartments


6:  Take a left between the Prugio Heim Apartments onto Yongsan 1 Ro.


7:  At the traffic light take a right.


8:  When you reach the T, take a right onto that road and a little ways up the road, TCIS will be on your left.