I want to welcome and invite you to take a look at what our boarding program is all about. Our program is a place where character development is taught and students learn to live as a large family. We believe that our boarding program provides students with a unique opportunity to discover themselves and explore their talents and gifts as they live with others. Our dorms provide a safe environment for students to have a wholesome experience away from home. By being part of this boarding program, students learn to be independent and become better prepared for the college/university experience that is to follow. Students also learn to develop their social and people skills that will prove to be valuable for years to come.  

- Brent Frazier, Residence Life Director -






Our Christian boarding staff at TCIS are very happy to have the opportunity to serve your family by providing the love and care your family member deserves. We, here in the boarding program, are excited about building relationships with students in an effort to encourage and support them in all their endeavors while attending our school. We would also like for you to know that our program’s philosophy is to promote a family-like atmosphere while providing quality supervision.  Our desire is not to replace their real family, but to enhance their experience at TCIS and give students a place to feel as much like home as possible.

We acknowledge that you have a choice of where to send your child to receive their education, and adding a boarding experience at TCIS for your child is something we believe you will not regret. We are the oldest boarding program, as well as only sizable accredited program in Korea.  We are accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International.  As the director, I have been involved in boarding for 20 years and I believe we offer a world class program that properly prepares students to adjust easily to university life. Please feel free to visit our dorms at anytime, and for those already living in the dorms, do not hesitate to let us know how we can be of better service to you and your family.

Brent Frazier
Residence Life Director




Boarding Program Philosophy Statement



At TCIS we see our residence program as a service ministry to families who desire an International-based education. Because all of our staff members are practicing Christians, we are committed to sharing our faith with students in word and deed, exposing all students to Christ and discipling those who follow Jesus.  

We recognize students’ various backgrounds and experiences, and their value and importance as people. The staff members seek to be aware of progress made by each student. With encouragement, consolation, and discipline, staff members aim to equip students to grow in character traits, such as, self-discipline, sound judgment and awareness of other’s needs and value in order to promote thoughtful community living.  Although the environment is structured, every effort is taken to create a family atmosphere within which the students can mature in their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.



기숙사 프로그램 철학


대전외국인학교 기숙사 프로그램은 인터내셔널 교육 방식을 희망하는 가족들에게 선교사의 자세로 임하고 있습니다. 기숙사 스탭 모두 기독교적인 삶을 실천함으로써, 말과 행동을 통해 학생들과 믿음을 나누며, 학생들 모두가 예수 그리스도를 경험할 있게 하고, 예수님을 따르는 학생들을 양육하기 위해 헌신합니다. 기숙사 스텝은 학생들의 다양한 배경과 경험 그리고 인간으로서의 가치와 중요성을 이해합니다. 기숙사 스텝은 학생들이 스스로 창조하고 결정하는 과정을 돕습니다. 기숙사 스텝은 격려와 위로, 훈육을 통해, 자기 훈련과 올바른 판단력, 공동체를 위한 타인의 필요와 가치를 아는 인격체로 학생들이 성장할수 있도록 하는것을 목표로 합니다. 쳬계적인 기숙사 생활이지만, 가족적인 분위기를 만드는데 최선의 노력을 기울여, 학생들에게 개인및 대인관계를 통해 성숙하도록 모든 노력을 다합니다.