At Taejon Christian International School (TCIS) we address not only the minds of our students, with a rigorous, high-quality education, but also the hearts of our students. The Academic Life, Spiritual Life, Social Life, Physical Life and Emotional Life are all areas that TCIS targets in providing an internationally based education within a Christian environment.

TCIS is a member of the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) along with schools like Shanghai American School, Western Academy of Beijing and Concordia International School, to name a few, and TCIS is a member of the Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference (KAIAC) within Korea. Through these two conferences TCIS students can engage and participate with students in other schools and in different cultural contexts in activities like: sports, theater, forensics, music and dance.

There are various student clubs and organizations on the TCIS campus like: GINA (Global Issues Network Association), FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and MUN (Model United Nations).

The element of service is a primary component in the IB Programme. At TCIS we encourage students to serve one other, the community, and even the world through LASA service trips. During Lunar Break and Spring Break each year teams of students and teachers from TCIS participate in LASA service trips to places like— India, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia where they serve in Children’s Homes, Orphanages and NGOs. Through these trips TCIS students are able to step out of their comfortable lives and experience how people live in other areas of the world. In many cases the students get to engage with and be a service to people that are in great need.

At TCIS we want our students to study hard and excel academically, but we also want them to look up from their textbooks, their computers and their studies, engage the world that they live in—and make a difference!