Why Give to TCIS?


Recent data by the U.S. National Association of Independent Schools indicate that tuition and fees cover between 8 to 13% of the cost of education.  In Korea and throughout Asia, both private and public schools directly benefit from donations above their tuition income sources.  As a private, independent school, TCIS Tuition and Fees currently account for all of the TCIS operating budget.  In order for TCIS to continue to develop as a leading International School within Korea and Asia, we need funding sources other than tuition.  By giving to TCIS, you are helping to provide the best possible learning environment and an experience that will last a lifetime for all our students.  Below are some of the reasons donors have donated to us:


-50 Year plus Heritage  

-Academic Excellence  

-Dedicated Faculty/Staff  

-Christian Character Development  

-International Diversity 

-Family-like Dormitory Experience 

 -New, state of the art Campus


Who Gives to TCIS?





-Past Faculty/Staff  

-Business Partners  

-Partner Institutions



How Much Should I Give?


Every gift is precious regardless of the amount.  Gifts to TCIS have ranged anywhere from KRW 10,000 (USD $10) to KRW 100,000,000 (USD $100,000).  Here are some recent annual giving amounts to TCIS:


School Year '07-08 (50th Founding Anniversary): KRW 87,871,000 + USD 29,989

School Year '08-09: KRW 61,357,000 + USD 5600  

School Year '09-10: KRW 352,473,300



How Do I Give?


Cash or Check.  Your gift can either be made in Korean Won or US Dollar.  For checks, please make it payable to "TCIS".  You can make an outright gift with cash or check, but it is also possible to spread your giving on a monthly basis for a period of time as well.  Gifts such as securities, valuables, memorial gifts, planned giving or other types of donations are possible. 



Tax Benefits


Donations to TCIS are eligible for Korean Tax Deduction.  The school is currently working toward U.S. Deduction as well.  Thank you for your generosity.



Who to Contact?


Headmaster Dr. Thomas J. Penland



Taejon Christian Interational School

77 Yongsan 2 Ro

Yuseong Gu, Daejeon

Republic of Korea, 305-500 


Tel: 82.42.620.9000

Fax: 82.42.620.9038