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As an IB parent and the Assistant Dean of Admission at Stanford University, Debra Von Bargen has firsthand experience working with many IB graduates. 
Did you know?–TCIS was the first Three Programme IB School in Korea."


Welcome to the TCIS Community

Welcome to the TCIS Residence Life Program
(for student care & boarding)

Quality International IB Education in Korea

What does TCIS offer families?

  • High-quality IB education for children grades K-12, with the first Three Programme IB school in Korea
  • Challenging international school environment that prepares students to matriculate to top schools in the US and around the world
  • Healthy, green, state-of-the-arts campus overlooking Techno Valley, Daejeon – just minutes from Sejong City
  • A residence program to care for and nurture children through their education, no matter where the family lives
  • Christian education that teaches critical thinking, respect, and service to others
  • A warm and supporting community that really cares about students and their futures. Whether a local or expat family, you will feel welcome in our family.

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