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Child-focused Learning Community

We sincerely believe that TCIS offers the best international school experience in Korea. Since 1958, TCIS has been a focused, child-centered learning community that guides students through a rigorous college/life preparatory program. The advantages of close community schools are numerous, and the combination of educational best practice with a closely-connected community has built a reputation for delivering a top educational experience.

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Better Academic Programs

TCIS was the first three-program IB school in Korea and has consistently offered one of the most rigorous academic experiences in Korea for children in grades K-12.

Low faculty-student ratios and small class sizes allow for more abundant interaction and efficient feedback processes. Teachers can more easily tailor learning for individual students. Small-format, close-knit school communities foster increased one-on-one interactions between teachers and students, which can strengthen the kinds of mentor relationships that elevate learning to something highly personalized and truly advantageous for each child. 

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Stronger Community

The TCIS community is a strong one. Great learning comes not only with a focus on academic programs, but also when a child's environment is happy, safe, and supportive.

At TCIS, students support and challenge each other. Teachers connect closely with students to  help care for their personal well-being. We find that  a well-connected community is a safer one, where little is lost in the crowd.

The TCIS structure is also conducive to effective role modeling. Real conversations about world and life issues help to grow students in faith, character, preparedness, and responsibility.

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Richer Opportunities For All

We place a great deal of importance on providing a wide variety of activities and co-curricular opportunities that round a student's educational experience. The ability to exercise knowledge, creative thinking, character, team building,  and perseverance in an area of interest is a great way to solidify academic learning.

Focusing on areas of sport, scholastic interest, service, and the arts, TCIS students have a wide variety of opportunities offered at all grade levels. Students are encouraged to explore a range of experiences and really focus on an active commitment to those things they are passionate about.

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The TCIS Boarding Care Program

Dorm Family

TCIS offers an optional on-campus boarding care program that specializes in creating a family-like atmosphere. Students have been drawn to our academic community from all over Korea and the world, and they have also found a loving home away from home.

The boarding program is fully accredited, and care is given by dedicated, full-time staff who care about children. The entire program is built around two central ideas: academic support and creating the kind of home environment that makes them feel safe, confident, fulfilled, and successful.

Our boarding alumni often visit and recall their boarding experiences  as some of the happiest and most life-changing of their school years, helping to gently build a sense of self, belonging, responsibility, and love.

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What do we offer families?

•  The first Three Programme IB school in Korea, serving children grades K-12,

•  Challenging curriculum that prepares students to matriculate to top universities and colleges  in the US and around the world

•  A rich and vibrant sports & activities program to teach character and support classroom learning at all levels

•  Healthy, green, state-of-the-arts campus overlooking Techno Valley, Daejeon

•  An international boarding program to care for and nurture children, no matter where the family lives

•  Christian education that teaches critical thinking, values, respect, and service to others

•  A warm and supportive community that really cares about students, families, and their futures.


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