Taejon Christian International School | Since 1958

A Supportive Community
Seniors walk to graduation on campus, wearing their face masks

that helps students reach their goals

A Global Christian Community
Young Elementary Friends Posing With Arms Around Each Other

that promotes a culture of peace, safety, and unity–cultivating international-mindedness.

S.T.E.A.M. Focus School
Boys in lab coats discuss their science lab for the day

promoting strong S.T.E.M., Humanities, and Arts curriculums.

International and Local Conferences
TCIS boys volleyball player spikes the ball over the net

for exciting competition and collaboration opportunities.

Christian Community For Education

TCIS offers a holistic education that addresses physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. Rather than rigid dogma, students study the Bible to see God's hope for humankind and practice Christ's example for loving others. Values of peace, respect, communication, and love are taught alongside critical thinking, research, and best practice. Regardless of personal faith, families appreciate the safe, supportive, and welcoming educational community that has been built at TCIS.

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Growth Through Boarding at TCIS

With the family-like atmosphere and academic support structure, there are unique opportunities and advantages available to boarding students in the TCIS Residence Life Program. Children learn time management, communication skills, conflict resolution, perseverance, balance, and self-care – all of which translate to students fulfilling their academic potential, social well-being, and college readiness. Our dorm alumni fondly recall their boarding experience as one of the most meaningful times of their youth.  

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