Taejon Christian International School




TCIS Offers Best Quality International School Experience in Korea

A Rich History of Excellence

TCIS is one of the longest running international schools in South Korea. Established in 1958 by missionaries looking for a safe, quiet, and relevant location within the country, TCIS has a long history and a reputation for both top academics and student care.

The First Three Programme IB School in Korea

TCIS was the first Three Program IB School in Korea. Our experience is a huge asset for students, and it has allowed us to become a leader for sharing the IB curriculum in Korea. Within the IB, we guide children through a program of study that prepares them for lifelong learning and makes them attractive to top universities all around the world. Our students have a record for engaging well with the curriculum and principles of IB, and they consistently achieve well above the world average.

Small School Advantage

Part of the reason for this lies within the relatively small and very collaborative community. Having a small school atmosphere makes learning a very personal experience. Small class sizes and student-teacher ratios are positive characteristics, promoting contact time and the potential for deeper learning. Faculty can often better assist students and form more of those valuable mentor relationships, while the close-knit student community creates a supportive peer group that inspires each other to grow.

Supportive Community

There is a real warmth and joy here that is felt when one exeriences the community working together. A feeling of purpose, kindness, and mutual respect is exactly the setting needed for great educational work to happen.

And yet...

There is more at stake than "just" classroom learning and test scores. TCIS very much agrees with the IB program for its focus on building students who are inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced, and reflective. This is a picture for the type of student we want our children to become, and students with these traits will be successful in their goals.

TCIS  delivers IB programs with a Christian Worldview. This is not according to some dogmatic structure of religion, but according to personal faith, and values of peace, respect, service, and love. This aligns strongly with the IB learner profile and is at the core of how we do things. While students do not need to be Christian to attend, the atmosphere of peace and unity is appreciated by all families, and they agree that TCIS has created the most positive learning environment available.

Availability for Families

The TCIS Boarding Program is nearly as old as the school itself. Since 1960, TCIS has been caring not only for the schooling of children but also for their personal care and well-being. The program structure and the caring faculty strive to create a family-like atmosphere that provides for the safety, comfort, and stability of the children who live on campus. Students who live in the boarding program recount their boarding memories as some of the fondest of their lives.