Taejon Christian International School | Since 1958


The full, multi-school APAC orchestra practices on the TCIS stage.

Top Academics and a Christian Ethos

We take pride in seamlessly blending exceptional academics with a Christian ethos, setting us apart in the realm of international education. As a pioneer of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs in South Korea, we are one of the few schools worldwide to offer all three IB programs within a Christian worldview context. Each year, our students distinguish themselves not only in academics but also in athletics, arts, and their compassionate service to others. Through a blend of educational best practices and an inspiring message of hope, we cultivate learners who embody both competence and care.

Holistic Learning for a Balanced Life

We're dedicated to providing a myriad of opportunities for students of all ages to develop skills and explore their passions. These experiences extend learning beyond the classroom, offering practical lessons and opportunities to nurture leadership. Whether through sports, arts, clubs, or volunteer work, our students learn by doing what they love. This holistic approach not only enriches their academic journey but also brings balance to their lives, fostering lifelong passions that often begin during these formative years.



Future Ready

At TCIS, we strongly emphasize the creation of "learners." Our approach departs from content-based models that focus on recall and instead focuses on teaching concepts, processes, and knowledge transfer. Students become inquirers, knowledgeable individuals, critical thinkers, effective communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced individuals, and reflective learners. Our assessment methods center on their capacity to create, demonstrating the depth of their understanding. This focus on individual growth is paramount in shaping students who can thrive in life beyond the classroom. Our flexible education equips them to succeed in an ever-changing world.


Dorm students roast marshmallows around a campfire on the campus lawn.

Boarding Care for For Support and Growth

For families residing outside Daejeon, TCIS offers an on-campus boarding care program that goes beyond providing a place to sleep. Our Boarding Care Program serves as an extension of the learning process, guided by committed boarding faculty. Students benefit from academic support, access to facilities, and the camaraderie of a second family of peers.

There are many advantages to living in the TCIS Boarding Care Program. We even have students from the local area who enter the boarding program for the the experience. They get an opportunity for university-life preparation now, in a safe and guided way.

Three girls pose for a photo at the Elementary Fall Festival photo booth, set up with pumpkins and decorations

Non-profit/Student-focused School

One further quality that sets TCIS apart is our status as a non-profit school, with our primary focuses on students, forward-thinking educational practices, and the delivery of quality education that nurtures students' confidence to pursue their goals. As a non-profit institution, all tuition and gifted support go toward operational expenses, student programs, and school development.

We do our best every day to offer a robust curriculum, a community of highly-qualified educators, beautiful and specialized campus facilities, and meaningful opportunities that enhance classroom learning.