Taejon Christian International School | Since 1958


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TCIS Offers a High-Quality International Christian School Experience in Korea

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A History of Solid Education

Since 1958, TCIS has offered children an education that helps them to meet their goals. Delivering all three IB programmes of IB (PYP, MYP, and DP), we encourage creativity, exploration, research, and balance. TCIS was the forerunner for IB investment in South Korea, becoming the first school in the country to offer all three programmes. Every year, students distinguish themselves in their academic performance, athletic competitions, visual and performing arts, and compassion to serve the needs of their fellow humans. These and other opportunities all contribute to the holistic education offered to students, and they work together to create a culture of balance that effectively prepares children for the future.

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Christian Worldview

TCIS is a school that educates according to a Christian Worldview. In all things, we provoke children to think and consider – spiritual matters included. We hire our faculty for their academic qualifications as well as their devotion to the Christian mission of the school. The community regularly engages together in faith-based topics and discussion. This does not mean that students need to be Christian in order to attend TCIS. Roughly half of our student body professes the Christian faith. The other half of our student body comes from other faith backgrounds or do not associate themselves with any faith. All families agree that they enjoy the culture and atmosphere of love, respect, unity, and open-minded acceptance found in the community.


Holistic Learning

One of the most exciting things that we do at TCIS is to help students understand just how amazing this world is and what sort of potential they have in it. We love to provide new experiences for all ages. We offer opportunities to develop their skills and discover their passions. These experiences help to solidify their academic learning with practice. It also provides a setting in which to gain experience in leadership. From international sports competitions to arts festivals, academic clubs, volunteer opportunities, or advocacy groups, students have leadership opportunities while being involved with the things they love to do. 

Students learn skills and character that will carry through their entire lives. This comes as a benefit for academic learning, but it also brings balance to their lives. Lifelong passions are often begun early on in these formative years.



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Future Ready

Where the TCIS and IB philosophies for teaching come together most pointedly is in the belief that we create learners. Many programs focus on content-based models in which students are taught a topic that can be assessed for recall. TCIS teaches concepts and processes which are based on the Design Cycle and the transfer of knowledge. Students are taught to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open minded, caring, risk takers, balanced, and reflective. This focus on the whole person is essential in creating a child that can be successful not only in classroom tasks, but in any life situation. A TCIS education prepares students for university and for a professional landscape that is constantly changing. 

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Boarding Care for For Support and Growth

Since 1959, TCIS has also operated a supportive boarding program to serve families from outside of Daejeon. More than just a place to stay, the Residence Life Program guides and encourages students to be academically responsible and to live with good character. The boarding staff, dormitory operational structures, and positive peer relationships help to contribute to academic success and character growth.