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Christian Worldview

A high school girl administers basic first aid care to a local girl in Boracay, Philippines on a Spring LASA trip.

TCIS subscribes to a holistic view of Christian education whereby we deliver solid educational best practices and standards alongside messages of love, peace, reconcilication, and unity. Our students will learn that being a Christian means to follow Christ and His example of love for one another, regardless of the differences and short comings that often separate us. We encourage all our students to explore and learn through the Bible about who Christ was, what He taught, and what He has done for all humankind, and therein finding inspiration to love others through our words and actions.

We do not, however, require that students be Christian to attend TCIS. We deliver education according to a Christian worldview and understand that many of our families do not necessarily subscribe to the same beliefs – and we are okay with that. We are a rigorous Three-Programme IB World School that places emphasis on critical thinking, respect for other cultures and ideals, balanced living, and service to others.

In attending TCIS, students are challenged to consider their faith as a part of the holistic learning process – and opportunities for growing in character and positive values will be a large part of everyone's educational experience. A loving and cooperative community atmosphere  supports the many diverse cultures, personalities, and individuals that join the TCIS family. In the end, we want to help students understand and fulfill their potential, to find happiness and balance in life, and to consider their role in doing good and affecting the world for the better. 


A Non-denominational Christian Organization

TCIS does not hold affiliation with any particular Christian denomination. Rather than promoting agreement with any specific denominational doctrines or liturgy, we instead find common ground, as a community, in what we feel are the core truths of the Bible. These truths can be found in our statement of faith, and they are both the inspiration for and the limit of what we share in Christian faith within our community. Our hope is that this helps to create unity, security and transparency within what is very much a unique and diverse educational group of students and stakeholders.


TCIS Statement of Faith

We believe the following as the core of that faith in which we find unity as a diverse Christian community:

  • God is the Creator of the world and of humankind.
  • Each person is responsible to God for stewardship of the world and of human life.
  • All people have separated themselves from God through sin, and this separation can only be healed through the reconciling work of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • The possibility of pleasing God depends upon each person’s acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior, and upon receiving and being obedient to the indwelling Spirit of God.
  • The full revelation of God’s will to humanity is found in the sixty-six books of the Bible.


As a Christian school, we DO NOT expect:

  • We do not expect that our applying students need to profess the Christian faith as their own.
  • We do not expect that our students have to make a decision to "be Christian" during their time at TCIS.
  • We do not expect for students of other faiths to engage in acts of Christian worship, in those community times when Christian observances are held.

As a Christian school, we DO expect:

  • We do expect that students be respectful of all people in the community and their beliefs.
  • We do expect that students attend community events and are respectful during times that recognize Christian observances.
  • We do expect that all members of the community should actively contribute to the overall atmosphere of peace, unity and acceptance.

As a Christian school, we HOPE:

  • We hope that all students would feel loved and accepted in our school, and that they would feel comfortable being part of the community.
  • We hope that all students would learn more about God's love that is evident in the life and message of Jesus Christ.
  • We hope that all members in our community would be an encouragement to each other to explore and grow in faith.
  • We hope that all members in our community would be encouraged to live selflessly and learn to serve others.

If a student feels called to embrace the Christian faith, we ask that they respond in their own way to become a Christ follower. We do not want them to follow Christ to please their teacher, their school leaders, their parents, or their peers, but to become a follower because they believe in Him and are personally ready to do so.

**Academic preference is not given or withheld on the basis of professed faith or religious practice.



Educating Students with a Christian Worldview

As a Christian school, we have given much consideration as to how we would see a student who has been successfully educated with a Christian Worldview:


Built in God’s image, we are created to explore and be curious about His world. We seek His wisdom and understanding through processes and activities as an expression of our faith.


God’s revelation through His Word and the Holy Spirit holds relevance to every sphere and aspect of life. This knowledge of God allows a framework to view humanity in all its endeavors. Such knowledge extends the students’ understandings of humanity and God in all disciplines and school activities.


We nurture our curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. We know how to learn independently and with others. We learn with enthusiasm and sustain our love of learning throughout life.


Understanding God’s character and grace provides a standard that shows us how to be principled in thought and in our actions toward our neighbor and our environment.


Seeking wisdom from God and exercising faith, we act in obedience according to His word and direction without always knowing the outcomes. We demonstrate our confidence in His promises and in His power working through us as we make difficult decisions and perform challenging tasks.


We are designed by God to live in community. We work best, when we work together in the unity of the Holy Spirit. We recognize that our interactions, both verbal and nonverbal, with one another should be full of grace; communicating the truth in the same love that God has demonstrated to us.


We are open to understanding differences, actively exploring perspectives and diversity. We know such activities can enhance learning and deepen our understanding of the world and God’s plan for it.


Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves. As imitators of Christ, we strive to show kindness and empathy toward others and be good stewards of His creation. We support each other through hardships and celebrate together in our joys and achievements.


We live a balanced life when we understand the value of being involved in a variety of activities: arts, sports, academics, social life, family, but keeping God at the center of those activities. As we live in balance, we discover the gifts God has given us, we appreciate those gifts he has given others, and we trust God to use those gifts in all endeavors.


We are called to be still and know that He is God and recognize His ways are higher than our own. He has given us intellect and the ability to thoughtfully examine our experiences and opportunities, in relation to His truth and plan. He has also given us the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts as an essential part of contemplation.





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