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A Unique Opportunity

TCIS offers select certified teachers and educational leaders a wonderful and unique opportunity for work and ministry. The school intentionally endeavors to create a diverse and excellently qualified Christian faculty, recruited from all over the world, in order to deliver a rich and challenging curriculum through the International Baccalaureate programs. TCIS believes that Christian education should be delivered in a community where ongoing learning is safe, encouraged, and expected for everyone. We believe that all people learn more by learning together.

We are a fully authorized three-program IB school and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, USA. Our students consistently score above the world average in the IB and in standardized tests. They also matriculate to top universities in North America and around the world. The opportunities offered to teachers at TCIS are truly awe-inspiring in scope!

Education Opportunities Outside the Classroom

Faculty members will take part in delivering a full extra/co-curricular activities program for students in all grades. TCIS believes that these are powerful educational experiences outside of the classroom that add tremendous value to the overall education at TCIS.

Teachers will work with students in applying and transferring their learning into action, both locally and outside of Korea, in service projects throughout Asia. TCIS faculty believe that we can make a real difference in the world, NOW!

Professional Development

TCIS faculty members are supported with extensive professional development opportunities. They will be updated in current best practices within the IB programs and will also be part of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) within and across divisional and department groups. Teachers will be connected worldwide to a network of IB educators and Christian educators. TCIS faculty will access a well-mapped curriculum laid out in units of learning and will be expected to maintain and continually improve the curriculum maps during their time of service at TCIS.

Faculty Housing

TCIS provides oversees faculty with furnished housing in the Techno Valley area, very near to the school. Housing is comfortable and spacious according to family size. The school also pays utilities on faculty housing.

Location, Location, Location!

TCIS offers faculty a great cross-cultural adventure in the “heart” of the South Korea. We are situated in a place that allows you to easily explore all areas of Korea and to travel to all areas of Asia with ease. Living in Daejeon places you in a clean, safe, and comfortable place as a family or single faculty member. School-provided housing is in the surrounding “Techno Valley” area that is a planned community gives faculty access to “environmental friendly” river and green areas for jogging/running, biking, and walking. Teachers spend an absolute minimal amount of time commuting between school and home, via the TCIS operated bus shuttles, biking, walking, or personal car. TCIS offers a competitive international teacher salary with a premium benefit plan.

Daejeon is wonderful!

  • Lovely four-season climate
  • Green Environment (many walking/jogging/biking paths, hiking opportunities and national parks all over Korea.
  • Clean air quality
  • High quality standard of living and highly technologically advanced
  • Access to regular, world-class sporting and entertainment events
  • Great Korean, Asian and Western dining options
  • Very high degree of personal and public safety
  • Safe, clean, dependable and affordable public transportation, nationwide
    Read more about Daejeon, here.

TCIS Requires of Applicants

TCIS offers a challenging world-class education and seeks highly qualified Christian faculty to help deliver this education to students. TCIS requires the following of it's faculty:

  • Applicants should have valid teacher certification
  • Applicants should be a professing and practicing Christian
  • Minimum of two years experience is highly preferred
  • IB teaching experience is highly preferred
  • Experience coaching and/or sponsoring clubs and activities is preferred

TCIS Offers Faculty

TCIS extends to faculty, very competitive remuneration and exceptional benefits:

  • Competitive international school salary
  • Fully furnished housing
  • Paid utilities
  • Global health insurance (with life insurance)
  • Round-trip airfare, annually
  • Relocation Allowance
  • Tuition waiver for (up to) 3 dependent children (2 child waiver when one parent is employed at TCIS)
  • Free nursery care for (up to) 3 children which are under school age (2 children when one parent is employed at TCIS)
  • Free school lunch for faculty on working days
  • Free school shuttle on working days (to and from faculty housing areas)
  • Low tax rates for foreign teachers in Korea (school assisted processing)
  • USA employees have the opportunity to invest in tax sheltered group retirement/investment account
  • Outstanding professional development funding for professional growth centered around the accomplishment of school strategic plans
  • MacBook Pro computer for professional and personal use

Be Ready to Submit

In addition to the employment application, prospective faculty should be ready to submit the following articles for review by the school:

  • Documentation of either teacher certification or of 2 years experience teaching in an IB school
  • Personal Statement of Faith
  • Pastor/Priest Referral - Traditionally done by a pastor or priest, but this statement of referral can be completed by any third party that has a personal knowledge of your faith and spiritual well-being.
  • Criminal check will be required
  • Current passport, valid for at least 12 more months will be required
Our first week in Korea wasn't easy. We arrived a couple of days before most people and immediately my wife had to go to the ER for a serious case of appendicitis. It was an unknown place, unknown language... seemingly with only God on our side. Suddenly, people I have never met before started showing up at the hospital, giving us support and comfort. The place and the language didn't seem to be strange anymore... We were a part of the most incredible community I have ever seen.

The community is wonderful, especially if you have a family. Living in Daejeon si like raising kids in a small town, the staff kids know each other and play together after school; even the parents help one another by looking out for each others' kids. It's great to be in a place where you are loved and supported in all kinds of ways!

Working in Korea and TCIS, especially with the pay and benefits we receive, allows for phenomenal travel opportunities! Korea, which itself offers a great variety of cheap domestic travel and beautiful cultural places to visit, is pretty central to Asia and affordable flights abound for the many breaks from school that we enjoy here.

The school offers a lot of professional development support, which allowed me to attend the Oxford Study Course IB training in England. And, as a member of the APAC and KAIAC athletic conferences, coaches get the opportunities for more travel to places such as China, Japan, Guam, Philippines, and others for competition. If you enjoy travel, TCIS is a great place to work!

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