Taejon Christian International School

Campus Facilities

TCIS campus hill overlooking Techno Valley, Daejeon

In 2012, Taejon Christian International School opened a brand new campus in the beautiful and developing Technovalley. These new facilities sit on a green hill between two rivers. The science and research community is nestled below the hill to the west. This is a diverse neighborhood, different in many ways to other parts of Daejeon. There are many businesses and services located within walking distance, which support a comfortable lifestyle for the school, its students and its employees.

Entrance to the School

TCIS school entrance

When you drive onto the TCIS campus, you know that you are in a special place. Visitors are first greeted with our main academic building, set against the backdrop of a green spacious campus. Entering the main academic building, one steps into the school atrium. It is a bright and impressive space and is also the community hub, where many faculty, students and parents work, study and socialize throughout the day. The atrium also contains a shop for coffee and snacks.

For visiting families, the Admissions Offices are located here in the atrium area.
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Classrooms in TCIS are large and well equipped. Combined with lower per-class numbers, classrooms foster an open and comfortable learning environment with plenty of room for active learning. All parts of campus offer access to the high-speed TCIS wireless network and classrooms are all equipped with projector and audio equipment to facilitate lessons.

Spacious classroomArt classroomMusic classroom

TCIS also has many types of specialized classrooms, designed to enhance the learning experience for specialized subjects:

  • Science labs are large and well equipped for student research and for safety.
  • Music and drama classrooms are specially set up for space and acoustics, and allow for flexibility to engage in a wide variety of creation and practice activities.
  • Art classrooms are open and full of light. There is a lot of space and resources for students to create work in a wide range of media.
  • Technology classrooms are designed for the creation process. With production and safety equipment, students engage in the entire design process from idea to production.

Performing Arts Center

Performing Arts Center facilities

The Performing Arts Center (PAC) is a great place for student performances. The PAC is a complex facility centered around a large performance hall. This performance hall has a deep stage, music pit, and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. The performance hall seats around 500 people in the audience.

Accompanying the performance hall, there is a complex of rooms for working with costumes, makeup, hair, construction, set, storage, video, and other functions. All of these come together to help create productions that are a magical experience for guests and a holistically educational one for students.

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Learning Commons

Our Learning Commons facilities (sometimes referred to as the library) are a great place for student research and pleasure reading.

Elementary Library Learning CommonsSecondary Library Learning Commons

The Elementary School learning commons is a bright and colorful place for exploration. With a fun variety of reading material and a center for hosting many reading programs, children at TCIS enjoy spending time here learning and loving to read.

Our Secondary School learning commons is spread out over two floors and is a place for serious student research. With access to most of the major online databases and a large collection of printed material, students are well equipped to produce quality class work and projects. The Learning Commons staff create a quiet, comfortable and welcoming environment for students to study or just to read for enjoyment. This is often a popular after school place for many of our students.

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Athletic Fields

Athletic fields photo (soccer and tennis fields)

The TCIS athletics program is one that goes along with our academic program to produce students with strong character and skill sets. Our outdoor facilities consist of a beautiful artificially surfaced soccer field and tennis courts. These facilities are situated on the upper part of campus and provide a lovely central community space during those times when competitions are not being held.

Showcase Gymnasium

Main showcase gymnasium

TCIS has two gymnasium spaces to be used for athletic competitions and physical education classes. Our Showcase Gymnasium is used for our formal conference competitions and is an impressive structure for our athletes to compete in and for student learning.

Activity Center

Activity Center, multi-purpose facility

Our Activity Center (also known as the AC) acts as a second gymnasium, but it is so much more! Seating up to 700 people, the AC is a great place for large TCIS community gatherings and programs. This facility also houses a full stage area, complete with light and sound for student and formal programs.

Fitness Center

Fitness center

Located adjacent to our gymnasium facilities is a fully equipped fitness center for community health. This facility is offered to students for learning in health and fitness classes and is offered to students after school hours, with faculty supervision. Equipped with a full range of aerobic machines, weight machines, free weights and other accessories, the fitness center is able to provide for just about any personal health and fitness program.


TCIS has two separate cafeterias, with multiple food lines in each to control flow and maximize efficiency. Two cafeterias allow us to serve large numbers at the same time, but also allow some needed separation between older and younger students.

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On Campus Dormitories

Dormitory facilities building

TCIS facilities include an on campus residence program. The dormitory building houses five separate dormitories, housing both students and live-in staff for each dorm. The boarding program facilities can accommodate 200+ students and facilities include a wide variety of essential and recreational features.

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