Taejon Christian International School | Since 1958

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Academic & Co-curricular Facilities

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The atrium is the main indoor common area for the school. The atrium contains a coffee and convenience shop, as well as our admissions offices.



Lower Courtyard

Lower campus is situated around a lovely common area with trees, grass, playgrounds and wooden deck area. It is a prime gathering place campus.



Elementary Learning Commons

The elementary learning commons contain a large library of printed works, technology lab, and conference classrooms.



Secondary Learning Commons

The secondary learning commons contain a large library of printed works, and multiple large common areas for group work and research access.



Sample Classroom

Classrooms are large and technologically equipped–great places for learning.



Hallway One

The top level hallway has higher level classrooms and the visual arts complex of workspaces. Many people recognize this hallway from several Korean dramas, which were filmed in this area.



Design Technology Classroom

The creative design process is a cornerstone of the IB curriculum. Design classes give instruction and practice crafting in the creative process.



Science Classroom

Science classrooms are large and well equipped. Open spaces for instruction and practical learning, these areas are designed for research.



Art Classroom

Art classrooms are bright open places for instruction. Students are encouraged to explore and practice expressing themselves in this creative space.



Performing Arts Stage & Auditorium

Our Performing Arts Center complex is a large and well equipped area for presenting performances of any type. A large auditorium, orchestra pit, make-up rooms, costuming and dressing rooms, set construction and flyloft areas are all part of this beautiful space.



Showcase Gymnasium

One of two gymnasiums, the showcase gym is our main indoor facility, used for most conference matches. It is also equipped for health and physical education instruction. 



Activity Center (multi-purpose)

The activity center is a multi-purposed room. This area is equipped for sport play, PE instruction, light and sound, and performance facilities with large seating capacity.



Soccer Field

The central area for our upper campus area, the soccerfield offers state-of-the-art artificial turf for fun and conference play. This is a great place, not only for official games, but also for pick-up games, instruction, and is a much used social space for enjoying the beautiful weather.



Fitness Center

The fitness center is well equipped for nearly any type of workout regime that one would care to follow. The room is available for instruction during the school day and is available after hours to the community and sports teams, according to a faculty supervised schedule.