Taejon Christian International School | Since 1958

Value for Children

At TCIS, we understand that education is an investment – not only in a future career but also in shaping the very essence of a child. Our commitment is to nurture competent, creative, compassionate, and balanced learners who are poised to excel in any path they choose.


The key question that most families ask is,

"What does my child gain at TCIS?"

Since 1958, TCIS has been a leader in international education in Korea. In these 65 years, we have built a robust, comprehensive education for children. While we deal in many positive initiatives for learning and growth among students, we specialize in three main areas that are ultimately valuable for most families (and two further areas for families with specific requirements.)





Senior student and valedictorian Jamie Kim talks about her time at TCIS. Jamie is one of our lifetime "Legacy Students," having attended TCIS from grades K-12, showing leadership in many areas.

Senior student Foster Young talks about his time at TCIS. Foster is a down-to-earth young man who attended TCIS for only one year and proved to be a really positive community member.