Taejon Christian International School | Since 1958


TCIS Community Introduction

At TCIS, we believe in education done right and for the right reason. Our school motto, "Learn • Love • Lead", helps to visualize the over-arching focus areas that are important to us as an institution: solid academic practices base on the IB continuum structure, a focus on each student as an individual learner that needs and deserves to understand their ever-increasing potential, and the provision for meaningful opportunities to discover their passions and take on roles of responsibility to grow their character. 

TCIS Boarding Program Introduction

As a supportive, family-like community for student care, and a legitimate program for growth and learning in itself, the TCIS Boarding Care program extends the opportunities available to students. It a place for young people to grow as individuals of character and to invest in relationships that often become life-long treasures.

Senior student and valedictorian Jamie Kim talks about her time at TCIS. Jamie is one of our lifetime "Legacy Students," having attended TCIS from grades K-12, showing leadership in many areas.

Senior student Foster Young talks about his time at TCIS. Foster is a down-to-earth young man who attended TCIS for only one year and proved to be a really positive community member.

Ms. Frances Noh, TCIS Parent, talks about the TCIS experience for her family and what she considers most important for her children.

Mr. and Mrs. Joachim and Sally Creutzberg talk about their TCIS experience and the ways that their child has grown in her time at this school.

Alumni Thoughts

There are many advantages to attending a modest-sized school. Smaller classes, closer community, personalized attention, and more abundant opportunities to be involved in great things are all beneficial ideas that alumni talk about, even years later.

Student Activities (by Video Club)

Co-curricular activities are opportunities to build relationships, practice learning, and build the kind of character that serves students now and later in life. There are many opportunities for students to be involved in something exciting and meaningful.