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College & Career Counseling

TCIS School Profile for Universities

We are preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

TCIS Counselors empower students to take charge of their futures through a four-year approach to university planning. Students learn about the steps they can take to best prepare themselves for life after high school—post-secondary education and a career. Our goal is to help every student find their best personal fit for university. The college guidance counselors serve as students’ personal consultants and will assist them and their families throughout the entire college search and application process.



Individualized Guidance

At TCIS, the college guidance counselors take a personalized approach, meeting individually with each student regularly throughout their high school career. Starting in grade 9, counselors begin working with students in self-discovery activities to help draw out their personality. In grade 10, students continue self-discovery as related to strengths and interests and prepare for IB Diploma Program course selection. In grade 11, counselors guide students through an in-depth look at the university search and application process and begin to plan for the application season. Finally, in grade 12, counselors work closely with students throughout the college application season advising on school lists, essays, application procedures, and coordinating application submissions. From the introspective beginnings of college research to the final submissions to colleges, counselors support students every step of the way to help them realize their full potential.

Wise, Informed Decisions

College counselors encourage students to be actively engaged in their college search and application process, to reflect carefully about their goals and aspirations, and to make wise, informed decisions. Because of the tremendous amount of time it takes to research universities, fill out applications, write essays, and apply for scholarships, it can (at times) cause additional stress. However, with the support of their counselor throughout the college search and application process, all students can also have a positive and growth-enhancing experience. Students are not alone in the process, and their counselors look forward to guiding them through this journey.


Connections to Universities

All TCIS college counselors have extensive experience with the college search and application process. Furthermore, TCIS has positive relationships with a large number of universities around the world and promotes the school and its students through marketing and networking activities. To maintain these trusting relationships with universities, all TCIS counselors adhere to the Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admission set forth by International Association of College Admission Counseling. All families can feel assured that they are receiving both expert advice and ethical guidance and do not need to look for additional support with the college search and application process to be successful.

Matriculation to Korean University

While most of our students choose to pursue entrance to Western universities (in North America, the UK, Australia, and Europe,) we do have students that go on to top universities in Korea and other locations in Asia. Students interested in going on to Korean universities can contact the Korea Colleges Counselor for additional support with these college applications.

You can find more information about attending Korean University after TCIS, here.


Infographic showing percentages of 2021 university acceptances: 78% to USA, 11% UK, 7% Canada, 3% Australasia, 1% Asia



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