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College & Career Counseling

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We are preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.
The empowering of students to take charge of their futures is another of our major objectives. The College Counselor is the junior and senior’s personal consultant, and will assist them and their families in making “good fit” decisions, and working through the entire college admissions process.

Contact the Counseling Office: counselor@tcis.or.kr

Individualized Guidance

At TCIS, the College Counselors take a personalized approach, meeting individually with each student and family. The College Counselor visits the Junior Class throughout their school year to begin preparing them for their college process. Seniors have personal meetings approximately every two weeks. From the introspective beginnings of college research, to collaborating as we identify appropriate university choices, we encourage students and help them put their best foot forward in their applications. By listening and counseling as they make their decisions on where to attend, we take pride in our attentiveness to the needs and care of each student. Our greatest rewards come as we watch our students gain in self-awareness and confidence, knowing they are prepared to thrive as scholars, community members, and servant leaders in colleges and beyond.

Our College Counseling department provides expert, professional knowledge about the entire college admissions process. From preparing students for interviews to holding admissions essay-writing and financial aid seminars, to calling a university admissions officer for an immediate answer to any question, TCIS’s College Counselors are a unique and indispensable resource to our students and families.

Connections to Colleges

Our College Counselors works closely with college admissions officers across the globe. They are 100% devoted to advocating for students, helping them find the right match with the right school, and to developing TCIS’s relationships with colleges and universities. The College Counselors attends college tours each year and arrange for numerous schools to visit our TCIS campus. These visits allow students to get a clearer sense of what schools offer. We are a member of NACAC and OACAC and counselors attend annual conferences where they meet with hundreds of college admission counselors, allowing them to stay connected, updated, and able to give students the most current support.

Wise, Informed Decisions

College Counselors encourage students to be engaged actively in their college searches, reflect carefully about their goals and aspirations, and make wise, informed decisions. It is their sincere hope that the college counseling experience will be a positive and growth-enhancing one for all parties concerned. They look forward to sharing this journey with students.

Matriculation to Korean University

While many of our students matriculate to higher education in North America and Europe, we also have students that go on to top universities in Korea. The Counseling Department actively promotes TCIS and its students in marketing and networking within Korea. Students interested in going on to Korean universities can make arrangements for counseling and support in this process.

For inquiries about our students matriculating to Korean university, please contact Ms. Kyungah Rhee (rheeka@tcis.or.kr).

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Jeffrey Paek
DP/College Counselor (A-K)

Kimberly Eggleston
DP/College Counselor (L-Z)

DP College Counselor 2

Kyung Ah Rhee
Korea/Asia College Counseling