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Two elementary boys crouch pointing at the ants that run around on the ground carrying food.
Three elementary students and a teach stand talking outside of the school building
One elementary girl sits in the library reading a book about wolves.
A group of three Grade 5 students present their work to parents and teachers at the PYP Exhibition evening event
Four elementary boys of various nationalities play together on an inflatable bouncy trampoline

Elementary School

TCIS offers an engaging international elementary school experience to children in grades Pre-K-5. We are a diverse learning community that teaches with hands-on and inquiry-based models within the IB PYP program.

Families also like the school literacy programs and the support for English-language learners. This is a safe and warm community, and the engaging programs help children to love learning.

Elementary School Highlights

  • Diverse mix of student cultural backgrounds
  • Learning is hands-on, engaging, and inquiry based.
  • English literacy is a major initiative to promote reading competency and a love-of-reading.
  • Promotes healthy social interactions and the connection of learning across grade levels
  • Comprehensive program for supporting English-language learners
Diverse culture group of elementary girls pose in Korean traditional dresses during the Korean Chuseok holiday celebration.
Many elementary children crowded around the library front desk as they wait to check out book selections.
Three elementary girls pose for a photo at the decorated fall festival photo frame area.

Inquiry and Discovery

For our youngest learners, the world is a new and amazing place. Every experience is an opportunity for learning. And it is best learned when children have the ability to engage with it.

The ability to ask questions and experiment are crucial. As such, TCIS elementary school learning is very much inquiry- and reflection-based. We take a child's natural curiosity and tendency to play, and we help grow it into a life-long system of learning. Students are presented with concepts and learn processes for asking questions. They engage with their senses, make connections, and reflecting on what they experience


We take a child's natural curiosity and tendency to play, and we help grow it into a life-long system of learning. In 40 years, these Elementary School lessons should be some of their greatest assets.

English Reading & Literacy

Whether a child is a native English speaker or an English language learner, language and literacy are foundational components of the TCIS elementary school. Classroom teachers at all grade levels deliver reading and writing instruction in developmentally-appropriate ways and help to encourage children where they are at in their learning. The K-5 reading specialist works with teachers and students to offer focused instruction and additional opportunities to advance reading competency in each student. The elementary school library/learning commons promote reading in additional ways that create a culture of fun and enjoyment around reading.

English Language Learning

For those who are learning English as an additional language, there is extra support. Students meet with specialist teachers for instruction while immersing in the homeroom class. Teachers and language specialists work together to ensure that the process is positive. This model helps children receive specialized instruction, along with learning and social benefits.

Elementary Service Learning

We believe that service learning is essential to cultivating students who lead in purposeful change. We also believe that it needs to start early. Beginning in Kindergarten, students learn about issues and causes that affect people. We also discuss how we can help to meet physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs in others.

The elementary school as a whole engages with the same causes and activities as a community. Each grade has a role that suits their age, but these activities are very much a community effort. Our youngest learners to have a role appropriate to their abilities, and our older students to have a deeper involvement.

BOOST Elementary Activities

Students at this age engage in our BOOST Activities Program. BOOST gives children the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities. There are options for sports/movement, arts , culture, academic, and special interests. With activities rotating on a trimester basis, students can continually try something new.

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The PYP in Elementary School

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a curriculum framework designed for elementary-aged learners. Student learning is a combination of inquiry, research, and creativity. It includes teaching and learning practices derived from a variety of national systems.

The PYP focuses on the development of the whole child as an individual. It also focuses on an individual as part of a local and global community. The international perspective where the diversity of student backgrounds is welcome and celebrated.


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