Taejon Christian International School | Since 1958

High School [Grades 9-12]

International High School in Korea

TCIS provides a unique, Western-style high school experience to children in South Korea; we also extend a warm invitation to students worldwide to join us through our Boarding Care Program. At TCIS, we provide the highest quality international education through our IB DP and MYP programs. Our school, conducted entirely in English, follows American (US) and international course standards.

A Taste of Foreign High School Life

TCIS students immerse themselves in the traditions and cultures of Western schools, receiving a solid preparation for universities in the United States, Canada, the UK, and international programs worldwide. Our academic rigor, combined with a rich array of extracurricular activities, fosters a well-rounded skill set that sets our graduates up for success in university and beyond. Students can engage in globally-connected clubs such as the National Honor Society or Model United Nations (etc.). With a global faculty, TCIS brings cultural diversity and richness to the heart of Korea.


STEM+Arts Education: Preparing for the Future

We strongly believe that children who are truly prepared for the future will have essential skills that are developed through learning in a combination of STEM and Arts disciplines. No matter what a student wants to pursue for study or as a career, STEM and Arts education are vital. TCIS has always approached education with this belief, but we are continuously enhancing our programs to meet the demands of an ever evolving careers landscape.

In high school, students delve deeper into the realms of design, creation, and coding, engaging in advanced project-based learning. Courses in Computer Science, robotics, physical sciences, Art, and Design offer real-world outcomes. In Grades 11 & 12, students have the option to pursue an advanced Art/Design Portfolio or a STEM-focused capstone portfolio. Under faculty mentorship, they refine their work for presentation to universities.


High school boy speaks at a podium speaks on stage


"Future Ready" and "College Ready"

"Future-ready" is our guiding philosophy at TCIS, emphasizing the development of adaptable, goal-oriented individuals. This concept takes root in the earlier grades but becomes increasingly central as students progress through their educational journey.

"College ready" is a top priority in our high school, as it represents the immediate next step for our graduates. Beyond university admission, we focus on equipping students with essential skills for success in higher education. The entire high school experience collaborates to nurture these skills, which prove invaluable throughout life. The habits and approaches to life solidified during these formative years serve students well into adulthood.


Soccer boy with the ball sprinting out in front of competitors
TCIS Dragons Logo (in black color)

High School Activities and Athletics

Clubs, activities, and athletics form integral parts of TCIS's holistic educational program, complementing classroom learning while imparting lessons in balance and leadership. Participation in extracurricular activities is a fun and rewarding way for students to develop socially, physically, and mentally. These programs also offer opportunities to practice essential skills introduced in the classroom, fostering self-discovery and a love for various pursuits.

Two high school girls from TCIS pose with their award certificates at the forensics tournament
A high school girl at TCIS painting a face on her abstract sculpture in art class
High school band students practicing on stage for the 2023 APAC Band Festival at TCIS

IB MYP and DP Programs in Secondary School

TCIS is proud to be part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum, offering a rigorous and age-appropriate course of learning that spans middle school and high school. Our Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) provide a seamless progression of connected learning experiences, preparing students for success in a globally competitive world.



MYP For High School Learning
[Grades 9-10]

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) offers a framework for academic challenge and life skills tailored to middle school children. This five-year program goes beyond traditional school subjects, incorporating Global Contexts that resonate with students at this age. The MYP provides an aligned course of study designed for international students.


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IB DP Logo

DP For High School Learning
[Grades 11 &12]

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) represents a rigorous pre-university course of study. It encourages high school students to be knowledgeable and inquisitive while fostering community involvement and global-mindedness. The DP places strong emphasis on cultural understanding, open-mindedness, and respect, preparing students for the demands of higher education and global citizenship.


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