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IB Middle Years Program [MYP]


MYP School in Korea

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides a framework of academic challenge and life skills for international middle school students between the ages of 11-16. The five-year program offers an educational approach that embraces yet transcends traditional school subjects. There are Global Contexts in the MYP that make this program particularly powerful in the lives and education of children at this age. The MYP offers a high level of aligned education for international middle school students, which is not necessarily always found in Korea.


Preparation for the DP Program

As students advance in the MYP program, they acquire and practice the academic skills necessary for rigorous learning. Key among these skills are higher-order thinking, research strategies and methods, implementation of the design cycle, and evaluation and reflection principles. Students are also building personal character, focus, creativity, confidence, and perseverance. The MYP, and the specific way that TCIS delivers it to students, are designed to provide children with a foundation and context to be successful in the rigorous DP program of study.



Major MYP Components