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Middle school actors and actresses stand performing on stage at the Christmas Play performance.
Middle school girls pose covered in rainbow-colored powder after the %22Color War%22 game during Spiritual Emphasis Week.
A group of five girls of various nationalities pose outdoor at International Festival on the TCIS soccer field

International Middle School in Korea

TCIS provides a western-style middle school experience to children in South Korea, or invites them to join us in Korea through our Boarding Care Program. Within the IB MYP program, students engage in a highest-quality international school education. TCIS is an English-speaking school built on American (US) and international course standards.

Self-Awareness and Connections

TCIS programs provide guided opportunities for introspection and self-discovery. As students understand their strengths, weaknesses, and goals, their learning becomes relevant. When learning is relevant, then it becomes deeper and engaging.

Middle school students are in an important phase of personal and intellectual development. The PYP encourages children to explore the world around them. The MYP builds on this by focusing on connections. The idea of connections becomes a constant theme for students. They learn how knowledge transfers among subjects. They also explore how they themselves connect with the idea of community. Students consider what they can contribute to the communities in which they are a part.

Intercultural awareness is another prime focus. Children learn to appreciate the beauty of global cultures, as well as their home culture. Many lifelong patterns solidify in these middle school years. We want students to be strong and productive learners. It is important that students develop a healthy system of values and standards.


TCIS Dragons Logo (in black color)

Middle School Activities, and Athletics

Clubs, activities, and athletics are vital parts of the TCIS holistic educational program for learning balance and leadership. They are fun ways to develop socially, physically, and mentally, and they add opportunities to practice essential skills introduced in classroom learning. These programs are fun, and they help students learn about themselves and the things they love to do.

MYP for International Middle School Learning

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a framework for students in their middle school years. It takes an approach for solid academic learning, personal development, and essential skills. The Global Contexts in the MYP make it very powerful in the lives of international students. It truly is a solid and flexible framework for educating children through what can be a difficult time of life.


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