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Middle Years (6-10)

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What is the MYP?

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides a framework of academic challenge and life skills for students between the ages of 11-16. The five-year program offers an educational approach that embraces, yet transcends, traditional school subjects.

Students at this age are in an important phase of personal and intellectual development. An educational program needs to provide them with discipline, skills, and challenging standards, but also with creativity and flexibility. The IB builds the MYP around these considerations, but it is also concerned with students developing a personal value system for guiding their own lives as thoughtful members of local and global communities.


Students will consistently be encouraged both in and outside the classroom to make principled decisions and to take responsibility for their own actions. Academically, students will be challenged to know the content of each subject area as well as to think critically about the real-world applications for the content and the skills they learn. Our desire is that each of our students possesses all the attributes of the Learner Profile by becoming more caring, courageous, principled, reflective, knowledgeable, thinking, open-minded, and inquiring. Students will have a variety of opportunities to practice these characteristics from everyday classroom activities to special events aimed at helping the community around us through Service as Action.

Fundamental MYP Concepts

  • Intercultural Awareness - Today's student should engage with and explore not only your own culture, but other cultures as well. This is especially appropriate in the international school setting and an idea supported in both academic and co-curricular programs at TCIS.
  • Holistic Learning - All knowledge is interrelated and education is about developing a whole person. The MYP program provides a thorough study of the traditional Secondary School disciplines, but it also emphasizes the interrelatedness of these disciplines.
  • Communication - Students should be encouraged to engage and grow in open and effective communication. This is not limited to speech and written communication, but in a variety of forms.

In addition to the eight subject areas, the MYP curriculum model has concepts and global contexts at its center. These two aspects of the MYP help guide and focus student learning in all subject areas, interdisciplinary work and the Personal Project.

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Subject Groups and Goals

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Jordan Williams
MYP Coordinator