Taejon Christian International School

Service as Action

Service as Action is an opportunity for students to get involved with the issues that they are interested in and to support their local, national, regional, and global communities. Serving others is a value deeply rooted in the Christian faith. While not every student at TCIS will be motivated to complete service as a part of their Christian identity, all students are encouraged to consider why service is an essential component of local and global citizenship. Whether committed to the Christian faith, another religious faith, or none at all, students are encouraged to engage in and participate in the the wider community and to reflect on their responsibility to serve.

At TCIS we hope that through the MYP Service as Action program students will:

  • Appreciate responsible citizenship in the local, national, regional and global communities
  • Increase their understanding of their own communities
  • Take initiative, plan and carry out activities that really help their communities
  • Understand how their actions in their communities benefit others
  • Grow in their self confidence and sense of responsibility toward their communities
  • Reflect on and evaluate their contributions to their communities

Service As Action Coordinator profile picSusan Kim
Service As Action Coordinator