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Elementary students using computers with headphones

Integration of technology into learning processes is an essential component of the TCIS commitment to promotion of international-mindedness, global citizenship and the development of attributes of the IB Learner Profile. Not only is it important to teach the use of technology, but it is equally as important to teach the mindsets and attitudes that are needed for principled, appropriate, and successful use of technology.

Goals of Technology Use

Through inquiring into content and concepts, TCIS students will develop their technology literacy and their ability to adapt and develop new technologies in order to solve problems, meet needs, and generate solutions.

We see the use of technology as essential to student learning and we believe that the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) provides students with powerful tools with which to develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration, research, and communication. Digital technology tools, when applied in context and through a variety of inquiry-based models, facilitate a sound preparation for life in an ever-increasing digital and globalized world.

Digital Citizenship

Technology is both a resource and a responsibility. Embedded in our use of technology in education is the undercurrent of Digital Citizenship. All teachers in every subject strive to teach students the skills to become good Digital Citizens in how they use technology and conduct themselves in an online environment.

The Bottom Line

At all levels, technology use in instruction is gauged to be meaningful, beneficial, appropriate, and responsible.