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APAC Conference

APAC boys volleyball teams shake hands under the net.
The full, multi-school APAC choir sings together on the TCIS stage
APAC soccer girls 'fight' for the ball on mid field.
The full, multi-school APAC orchestra practices on the TCIS stage.
TCIS player blocks a spike during a APAC girls volleyball tournament game.

The Official APAC Conference logo for Korea

Asia Pacific Activities Conference

The Asia Pacific Activities Conference is an exclusive interscholastic activity organization for students in grades 9 to 12. There are a total of 12 international schools from 5 different countries, representing some of the finest international schools in all of Asia. Schools located in China, PRC-Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam offer unique opportunities for high caliber competition and collaboration, as well as a structure for networking and cultural exchange among students.

Member schools take turns hosting three-day sports tournaments or fine arts festivals in their facilities. This allows teams to visit exciting new places and meet with students their own age who live in different cultures. The quality of schools in this conference is very high and, as such, students challenge each other in new and exciting ways.

APAC events are not just about the activity, but about the social interactions between members of different schools. Student and faculty families offer time for fellowship and cultural experiences to visiting students, and this is a rich experience for all involved. This event is all about holistic educational experiences and the promotion of international-mindedness.

APAC Activity Events

There are a variety of activities that are offered through APAC for international competition and collaboration:

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