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John Hwang
Athletics Coordinator
APAC Coordinator

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TCIS offers its students opportunities to participate in many different competitive sports within the framework of an age-appropriate program. We welcome competitive, passionate players as well as those who would like to experience a new sport. The TCIS program seeks to provide a supportive environment in which each individual can develop. With an emphasis on sportsmanship, each student-athlete is challenged to learn and develop new skills, embrace the value of working together to achieve common goals, and become empowered to stretch their boundaries and self-expectations.

TCIS is involved in sports exchange programs with other international schools and military school located locally, within Korea, and beyond. As a member of the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) and the Korean American Interscholastic Conference (KAIAC), TCIS students regularly enjoy opportunities to compete in a broad and balanced inter-school athletic program that is an integral part of their educational experience.

TCIS belongs to the APAC conference for competition/collaboration with international schools all around Asia. TCIS also competes/collaborates with international schools in Korea through the KAIAC conference.


TCIS dragon logo

The TCIS Dragons

The Dragon was chosen as the school's mascot early in the school's history. The Korean dragon was chosen as it represents ideas of Goodness, Nobility, Power, Strength and the Protection of the Weak. These are ideals that we want to see represented in our students as they compete and collaborate in many activities.





Grades 9-12 Sports

Sports each have a separate boys & girls team.

Fall Season

  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Cross-Country
  • Junior-Varsity Volleyball

Winter Season

  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading (co-ed activity)
  • Junior-Varsity Basketball

Spring Season

  • Soccer
  • Badminton

Additional Grades 9-12 Activities

There are also a number of other conference activities offered outside of the seasonal structure:

  • Forensics
  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Theatre

Grades 6-8 Intramural Activities

Semester One

  • Cross Country
  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Soccer

Winter Season

  • Table Tennis
  • Co-Ed Volleyball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Tennis