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Elementary Activities

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Elementary Activities Program

To be young means that everything is new and untried. Every experience is an opportunity for wonder. Every action can potentially be the beginning of a lifelong hobby, passion, or career. 

Our elementary activities program, BOOST, is designed to give children opportunities to engage in those things that they love and to try new things that they haven't even considered.

We want our students to have that BOOST, which helps them discover new things and compliments their classroom learning! We also want to offer a balance of options that stimulate the body, mind, and senses.

Every student has the opportunity to join two activities every afternoon, four days a week. Activities run in trimester sessions to give time to learn and practice a process, but to also give enough variety to bring a holistic experience and keep things fresh for young active minds.

These are BOOST activities recently offered in grades K-5

*Activities are gauged to be age appropriate, with a focus for engagement and a positive experience. Not every activity is available for every age.

**Please note that these activities represent recent offerings and may not exactly reflect those being offered today. Please contact admissions@tcis.or.kr for the most current list of K-5 activities.

Spanish Club

Students will learn about Spanish language and culture through interactive, hands-on activities.

Gym Games

Students will engage in a variety of fun activities centered around traditional gym/field games, with a balance of structured and free play.

Ballet Club

Students will practice and gain a basic understanding of ballet techniques and postures.

Coding Club

This club provides basic coding education and thought processes in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.


This activity is for girls who would like to work on their basic gymnastics skills: tumbling, flexibility, balance, and strength.

Lego Club

Students will build, create, and have fun with Legos. There are opportunities for free building and project-based play.

Chapel Praise Team

Students will sing and practice songs/actions to lead the elementary students in praise time during chapel.

Show Choir

Students will learn to sing and dance in a choral setting. They will learn performance elements including pitch and rhythmic accuracy, blend, diction, and movement.

Language Lab

Students will be able to improve their English-language skills as teachers will help practice their reading and writing.

Trombone Club

Students will learn the trombone as an instrument as well as group dynamics in preparation for playing in ensembles.

Science Club

The Science Club will provide demonstrations and fun, hands-on experiments for elementary students.

Golf Club

Golfzon Zoimaru is a professional golf theme park. Students will learn the foundations of golf in a fun and engaging way.

Chinese Culture Club

Students will learn about Chinese language, culture, and characters through a variety of activities.

Music and Dance Play

A fun time for students to have free playing with musical instruments, dancing to music, and structured music-based games.

Inquiry Club

What are you curious about? Students will get together as a group and ask questions to guide what we will explore.

Flying Disc Games

Students will learn how to handle a flying disc (frisbee). This activity will promote coordination, agility, and fun in a very active way.

Badminton Club

This is a badminton basic skills program. Students will learn rules and fundamentals of playing badminton, such as game setup, rules, and movement/racquet techniques for game play. Students will engage in team play.

Board Games

Students will have fun playing a variety of board games. Game play will focus on sportsmanship, understanding of rules and structures, as well as a variety of topical learning.

Chess Club

Students learn the history and rules, acquire opening and endgame theories, and engage in advanced tactics.

Movement Stories

Students will learn and engage in simple yoga actions according to a guided story. Students will be able to engage their imaginations in fun and active ways.

Craft Time

Students will create fun things from a variety of objects and materials. Every day is different and fun for students who like to make artistic things with their hands.

Art Club

Similar to craft time, but with a more traditional art approach. Students will create 3D works and learn techniques for working with various materials.

Nonogram Club

A nonogram is a picture logic puzzle. To solve the puzzle, one must color or leave cells blank according to the number grid clues. This is great for children who love puzzles and/or math!

Boys Basketball

Students focus on working together with their teammates and having fun while playing basketball. Skills, rules, and teamwork are the focus.

Double Bass Club

Students will learn the double bass as an instrument as well as group dynamics in preparation for playing in ensembles.

Minecraft Club

Students will be engaged in ambitious, creative, and fun projects throughout this hands-on club. This is a popular pastime for elementary students.




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