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Grades 6-12 Activities

Girl speaking at TEDx Youth Event

Clubs and activities support and complement the curriculum in order to create the most effective experience possible. We want all of our co-curricular activities to be delivered according to regular TCIS mission and standards.

The goals of a healthy co-curricular program are two-fold. Firstly, we want students who are passionate about an idea to be able to engage in practicing that idea. They should have guidance in appropriate ways to plan and pursue opportunities, but with the freedom to explore leadership opportunities on their own. Secondly, activities should be accessible to a wide variety of students in order to facilitate new experiences and the opportunity to discover new passions. 

These clubs are available to students for participation within the TCIS community. These activities are operated separately from our regular KAIAC and APAC conference events, which include sports, forensics, and musical exchange. 

(Read about Conference Sports/Events)

TCIS clubs are very much student driven, and they are involved in a variety of ways. Some serve the group club itself, some serve the TCIS community in some capacity, some engage with international groups and initiatives through affiliations (like Model United Nations or UNICEF), and some clubs serve in unique ways through smaller relationships and affiliations. 

What sorts of clubs and activities are on offer for students?

*Activities are gauged to be age appropriate, with a focus for engagement and a positive experience. Not every activity may be available for every grade.

"A Gift" Club

The mission of A Gift is to help meet the needs of orphanages in Tanzania, Korea and Laos. Students collect essential goods from students, faculty and outside individuals. Every second month those items are sent to orphanages in Tanzania, Korea and Laos.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International promotes and protects human rights around the world. Focusing on a different theme each year, members work towards raising awareness and instigating tangible change in different communities with the hope that it spreads throughout the world. [Amnesty International Website]

Ampersand Journal

Ampersand is a student-led literature club where individual students submit their works for workshops and discussion. Ampersand also has sessions where writers participate in various creative writing exercises to foster their growth and development as a writer.

Art Club

Art Club is a student-interest club providing students with the opportunity to freely pursue their passion for art. The club is open to students wishing to participate in creative, art-related activities and instruction that will help them grow as an artist. .

Band Club

This interest club is designed for motivated students who wish to explore band creation and making rock music. The band will perform at school events and, in time, the goal is to hold a battle of the bands between other international schools.

Chess Club

Chess Club is for grades 6-12 students and we welcome all levels of players. Beginners can learn the history and rules while developing players acquire opening, mid-game and endgame theories, and experienced players engage in advanced tactics. We compete in 3 KAIAC tournaments throughout the year in the Junior Varsity and Varsity divisions. In addition, there is opportunity to serve the elementary students in their practices.

Compassion International

Compassion International is a child advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. The ministry tries to release children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. Our hope is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult. Students in TCIS's Compassion Club engage in fundraising, awareness building and direct action (knitting, translating, child sponsorship, etc.) for the betterment of God's children.

Cooking Club

Cooking Club members expand their creativity and skills in the kitchen through mentoring and cooking sessions. Through these sessions students learn how to cook dishes and meals with support from teachers and club officers.

Dance Crew

Dance crew members learn to express themselves through movement while practicing and performing. Performances and exhibitions typically occur in the school at special assembly events and outside of the school at public events and competitions.

Eco Green Club

Eco Green Club is an environment-related global service club that uses non-violent, creative, and effective ways to face environmental issues, which will lead to a green and peaceful future. It takes action by participating in service activities and raising awareness about certain issues.

Film Club

Students interested in photography, filming, video editing, etc. get the opportunity to apply their skills to create videos and other related media artifacts to document school events.

Fitness Club

Fitness Club promotes good health among the TCIS student community by providing accurate information about fitness. We assist and consult in the fitness center as a resource for healthy living.

Future Business Leaders of America

The mission of FBLA is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. FBLA students explore college and career opportunities through co-curricular activities and service projects and also take part in academic competitions and networking events with business professionals at conferences.


GIVE is a club that serves the disadvantaged local community through different student-driven short-term projects in and out of school, such as raising awareness and service trips. By having student-driven projects, we believe that there will be growth of an individual's responsibility, leadership, and ability to form relationships with others while also bringing positive influences to the community. We reach out to a different community each semester to fully share our love.

Golden Time

The main purpose of the club is to provide insight into the world of health care by discussing various topics touching on medicine, prominent new studies, and promising current research topics that are bringing about great changes in the world of healthcare. Another purpose of this club is to educate members on basic first aid, CPR, and other personal practical knowledge.

KAIST Outreach

The objective of KAIST Outreach is to connect with the community and to serve and teach English to middle schoolers that come to KAIST for support in schooling. These students are outstanding examples in academic performance yet, due to financial needs, cannot afford support in "hagwons". The goal, therefore, is to help exceptional students more fully achieve their potential. 

Kendo Club

This is a time of supervised practice, in appropriate facilities, for students who are trained and equipped for the art of Kendo.

Math Club

Students in grades 9-12 will have an opportunity to extend their passion for math by participating in competitions such as the Mu Alpha Theta, a monthly math league, running elementary math club, holding math help sessions for students, and generally exploring and celebrating math.

Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations is a club where members participate in United Nations simulations that take place in different cities and even countries. These simulations help students develop a larger worldview and improve their public speaking skills. Students are expected to write position papers, learn parliamentary procedure, and increase their knowledge of the world around them.

Peer Counseling

Our goal is to support our peer students by listening to any concerns that they do not feel comfortable to talk about with family or adults, but rather prefer to talk with someone with similar ages and responsibilities. This helpline will also be available to students anonymously. All member students will be given the opportunity to receive training and be certified by Korea Youth Counseling & Welfare Institute.

Pen in a Box

Pen in a Box is a non-profit organization created by David Byun that sends school supplies to schools and villages in need. We see pens and pencils lying around in high school hallways. While so many students waste school supplies on a daily basis, there are many students who cannot afford these supplies. Pen in a Box’s mission is to support children in third-world countries by collecting and sending school supplies. There are more than 50 school branches and 20 college branches actively engaging in this organization.

Praise Team

Praise Team is a student-led group that leads Praise and Worship in chapels and special events. We strive to use our talents to praise God and to reach out to the school community. Through our music, we hope to provide encouragement and change in the lives of growing individuals in our school.

Prom Committee

Prom committee is a student-led organization that plans, prepares and fundraises throughout the year, culminating with the year-end High School Prom.

Robotics Club

Robotics club is for students who are interested in electronics and are looking to begin or improve programming. Students work a variety of projects using Arduino boards, Lego Mindstorm, Java programming with Swing, and other projects.

Science Club

Science Club offers a wide range of activities for students with a passion for the sciences. At the core of Science Club is an opportunity to give back to the TCIS community by designing and leading engaging experiments with elementary school students. Club members also participate against other international school students in the Korea Science Olympiad (KSO).

Spiritual Fellowship Club

Fellowship is a student-led club that meets together to pray, talk, listen, share, and encourage one another from a Christian perspective. Life is hard! Life is messy! But having others to walk beside you can help make life manageable and joyful.

TEDx Youth @ TCIS

A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and videos previously recorded at TED conferences are shared with the community. TEDx TCIS is an independently-organized TEDx event organized by TCIS students. We welcome everyone in the Daejeon area to share their ideas!

The Golden Dragon (Newspaper)

Interested writers get the opportunity to apply their skills to a school-based newspaper published online. A newspaper requires a variety of roles as well as passionate writers who want to reveal the real TCIS to its readers.


UNICEF has been working on behalf of children's welfare since its creation by the United Nations in 1946. The TCIS club acts as an entry and mobilization point for the students of our community to engage with the initiatives that are happening globally through UNICEF partners.

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