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Students assemble hardware and program during robotics camp at TCIS.

High School Activities

Clubs and activities support and complement the curriculum in order to create the most effective experience possible. As such, we want to ensure that all co-curricular activities be delivered according to regular TCIS mission and standards.

The goals of a healthy co-curricular program are two-fold. Firstly, we want students who are passionate about an idea to be able to engage in practicing that idea. They should have guidance in appropriate ways to plan and pursue opportunities, but with the freedom to explore leadership opportunities on their own. Secondly, activities should be accessible to a wide variety of students in order to facilitate new experiences and the opportunity to discover new passions.

These clubs are available only to students for participation within the TCIS community. These activities are operated separately from our regular KAIAC and APAC conference events, which include sports, forensics, and musical exchange.

(Read about Conference Sports/Events)

TCIS clubs are very much student-driven and involve students in a variety of ways. Some clubs serve the group itself as they pursue activities of interest, while others serve the TCIS or local communities. Some engage with international groups and initiatives through affiliations (like Model United Nations or UNICEF) and other clubs.



What sorts of clubs and activities are on offer?

[*These represent a list of recent clubs and may not reflect offerings at all times.]

3D Printing Club
Teaches how to design objects for 3D printing and making use of these creations in the real world.

Alive In Christ Club
Provides a space for conversations that encourage people to live like Jesus did and engage in service activities that will inspire communities.

Shares unique and personal stories as a literary art magazine and endeavors to become fluent in the language of emotions.

Animal Rescue Club
Raises awareness of topical issues that threaten animals’ lives and makes efforts to progressively widen the involvement of people on animal issues for positive change.

A high school girl at TCIS painting a face on her abstract sculpture in art class

Art Club
Enriches a passion and love for art of all mediums and invites individuals at any level to express their creativity.

BioMed Club
Dives more deeply into the subject of Biology while also committing to fundraise for children in need, specifically those who cannot receive proper and timely healthcare.

Call Me Club
Engages in service activities aimed to help students and teachers and rotates topics each month to impact a wider range of individuals and groups.

Chinese Culture Club
Spreads Chinese culture to enhance diversity in the community and provides Mandarin lessons to elementary students.

Coding Club
Explores the contents of coding (Arduino/C++) to gain a practical understanding of programming.

Compassion Club
Sponsors a child from the Compassion International organization through donations and fundraising events.

Dance Club
Practices all varieties of dance and promotes movement, health, and teamwork.

Game Design Club
Learns about video game programming through game analysis and development to ultimately create a video game as a group.

Gardening Club
Cultivates plant life and a love for growing a garden sustainably.

Girl Up
Advocates for and supports underprivileged girls around the world and sheds light on gender-related global issues.

Places a strong focus on giving to others in need by offering help and support to the community and by initiating service activities.

The Golden Dragon Newspaper
Reports on events within TCIS and outside of TCIS as the school newspaper.

Aims to address significant public health issues in society and hosts the annual Red Cross blood drive.

KAIST Outreach
Works with KAIST University to provide English lessons for Korean middle school students.

Korean Book Club
Reads Korean literature but also discusses topics that arise in books as well as researches the books’ history and authors’ background.

Make A Difference Club
Concentrates on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations by planning and initiating projects aiming to achieve each goal.

Math Club
Participates in mathematics competitions and tackles challenging math problems.

Media Committee
Collaborates with school events and other clubs to create works of digital media and design.

Model United Nations
Develops a broader worldview as well as public speaking, collaboration, and critical thinking through simulations as representatives of various countries in a UN conference.

A teacher and students pose for a fun photo at the Academic Quiz Team competition

NAQT Quiz Team
Competes with other schools through a fast-paced buzzer competition to answer questions that cover a wide range of academic subjects like literature and science but also extends out to popular culture and current events.

Paws For A Cause
Donates and fundraises for Zion Shelter, a local animal shelter.

A girl pets and looks at a small dog during an animal rescue club visit to a local shelter, as part of a TCIS HS club.

Pottery Club
Teaches the skills to create pots, bowls, vases, and more, from hand molding clay to spinning a pot using a wheel.

Prom Committee
Fundraises for Prom and prepares the theme, advertising, logistical needs, venue, design, and more for the event.

Promotion Club
Aims to advertise for clubs and bring awareness to social issues using media.

Rock Band Club
Broadens the musical experience at TCIS by forming bands, collaborating, and performing for the school community.

Soccer Club
Focuses on developing skills through drills to become a more dynamic player in game situations.

Strings Club
Invites string instrument players who want to grow as musicians to gather together and practice challenging pieces to perform for the community in an effort to fundraise and donate to a non-profit orphanage.

TCIS Athletics Council
Runs the TCIS Athletics Instagram account by producing media, promotes TCIS athletes, and helps out at home games and tournaments.

TCIS Eco Club
Raises awareness about global environmental issues and educates and encourages the community to protect the environment by participating in eco-friendly behavior.

Organizes and hosts a local TedxYouth Event at TCIS to motivate the local community through inspirational speakers who communicate their passions.

TIE Club (TCIS International Education)
Ties education with Christ’s love to provide for elementary students in Cambodia by teaching them English virtually and sending them study material.

Supports underprivileged children around the world by fundraising for the UNICEF organization and collecting material goods for the partnered children’s home.

Two boys sign up to join the Media Committee Club at the annual High School Clubs Fair
A high school girl signing up to join the Chinese Culture club at the High School Clubs Fair
Girls standing at a booth table to get information about the high school club on offer at the High School Clubs Fair
A boy standing at a booth table to get information about the high school club on offer at the High School Clubs Fair

[Photos from the annual Clubs Fair, letting students share about and learn about all of the many clubs on offer for the coming year.]




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