Taejon Christian International School

KAIAC Conference

TCIS soccer boys celebrating

Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference

Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference (KAIAC) is made up of 18 teams from both the international and US military base school communities in Korea. These teams engage regularly all throughout the school year in activities within each season. Programs offered within the KAIAC conference include not only sports but also various opportunities for performing arts and forensics activities.

Mission and Purpose

The purpose or mission of KAIAC is to provide a well-rounded program of interscholastic activities for its member schools. Our participation within KAIAC allows for regular competition and collaboration in a wide variety of activities. This organization is important for international schools because it allows for engagement in activities that are common to the international school community, and it allows them to compete and collaborate at high levels for all students.

Grades 9-12, KAIAC Activities

Student engagement in KAIAC activities supports the fulfillment of our school’s Mission, Vision and Student Learning Results (SLRs). Co-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to explore and pursue areas of interest in diverse environments, promoting the development of both collaborative and individual knowledge and skills. These experiences help promote a healthy and balanced life for students.

Grades 6-8, KAIAC Activities

Involvement with KAIAC in grades 6-8 is an intramural-based program with three seasons throughout the school year. The idea of having an intramural program at this age allows young students to learn the fundamentals of an activity and acquire competition experience. This allows for healthy growth in both physical and social skills. There is no "one representative team" in this program, and all students are welcome and encouraged to participate regardless of their current skill levels.

Students work hard to learn skills and strategies while engaging in competition amongst their TCIS peers. Schools then periodically get together for larger events that allow for competition and social interaction on a larger scale. It truly is a great program.