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LASA Service Trips

TCIS service team walking across the hilly landscape of central Boracay as they travel to serve a remote village


“Love All, Serve All” or “LASA” is the name of our Grade 8-12 school service program here at TCIS. It is an uplifting phrase, and even more it is a way of life. We believe that Jesus has called us as his followers to love all people and to serve all people; Christians see needs around them and use their gifts and resources to meet those needs. We encourage all students and staff to live their lives in this way as opportunities present themselves.

There are multiple levels at which students can engage with LASA trip activities. There are generally components of each trip that deal with the sharing of personal Christian faith. Students who do not profess a Christian faith can engage with the majority of a trip as it deals with humanitarian service. We believe that everyone who joins a LASA trip has something to offer and lessons to learn.


Exposure & Experience

The LASA program takes students out of their normal environment and exposes them to the needs of others in other parts of the world. It seeks to expand their understanding of the world, the needs of different people groups, and what other people in the world are doing to serve others in their own communities. LASA is a time of active learning.

Some of the possible work and faith-sharing opportunities our students may experience on these trips are:

  • tutoring or teaching younger children in a local school setting
  • providing minor medical care
  • building projects/construction
  • involvement with local feeding programs
  • sports ministries
  • spending time with children and orphans and ministering to their needs
  • learning about the rights of children and other peoples around the world
  • sharing musical and other skill-based talents with less privileged students
  • sharing Bible stories and personal testimonies


Locations & Ministry Partners

We partner with a variety of people and organizations in our LASA program. We are grateful for the relationships and the spirit with which we are hosted in the various places that we serve. We are a blessed community to have these opportunities.


Senior student talks about her experience on the LASA Thailand trip


Boracay, Philippines

Beginning in 2009, our school has partnered with “On the Rock” Ministries in Boracay, Philippines. Boracay is often thought of as a tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches and water fun. Most of the island, however, lives in poverty. “On the Rock” has a vision for meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the local people living there, on many fronts. Their ministries involve supporting schools to the Ati children, providing medical and feeding sites around the island, sports ministry, and delivering the message of Christ in story and songs.

Students attending this trip will be exposed to an array of service activities. Students will work on construction sites, serve at feeding sites, and present stories and songs to local children. There are many opportunities for cultural exchange on the trip in a variety of settings. While in Boracay, the teams take advantage of the island’s beautiful beaches and shopping.


Chiang Mai, Thailand
Our longest-running trip is to Chiangmai, Thailand, and it serves at the Grace Home children's home. Teams prepare Bible lessons, skits, songs, games, and crafts for the children. In addition, they also spend time on a service project while at the home (in the past, teams have cleaned, painted, planted trees, and worked on small construction projects). Teams also have the opportunity to visit a mountain village located just north of Chiangmai. Students experience a very different life in Thailand than in Korea, but through getting to know the people, they can understand and appreciate the way they live.

We have a great relationship with the children of Grace Home and want to continue sharing, with each other, our cultures and God’s love. We also want to support our partner's ministry, showing the people of Chiangmai that we care and that the love we have to offer is given to us by our loving God, who offers them life and grace through Christ Jesus.

Manila, Philippines (KIM’s)
This trip is hosted in the middle of Manila, Philippines. On this trip, Grade 8 students have the opportunity to work with Kids International Ministries (KIM’s). Our students will be involved with the New Faith Family Children’s Home and a multifaceted community outreach ministry that began when a young girl asked her parents, “Can’t we do more to help?” The family-run center is meeting needs in their local community in Manila and working to change lives.

Grade 8 students will have a variety of options to get involved in service: teaching and playing with children, and working on community development projects, outreach ministry, feeding sites, medical care, and construction work. They will witness up-close the poor economic conditions of Manila and the ugliness of urban life. Spending time with the children of the New Faith Children’s Home is always the highlight of the trip.




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