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Middle School Activities

Middle school choir students stand on risers singing on stage


While elementary activity options are broad and continuously rotating with a focus on exposing children to a wide variety of activities, middle school activity options are a carefully curated selection. The format focuses on increased involvement and more extended participation. Students can get more deeply involved and have an opportunity for leadership within the activities. 

Middle school club time is built into the weekly schedule, and every student is involved. The list of activities may change from semester to semester, depending on student interest, but they typically offer options in academic, sport, service, and special interest clubs/activities.

It is worth noting that these activities do not represent the full extent of opportunities for middle school students to be involved in fun, extra-curricular learning, but they are part of a structured program intended to provide an intentional experience that plays an important supportive role in the landscape of middle school learning.

Recent Middle School Activities

  • Academic Quiz Club
  • Badminton
  • Book Club
  • Music Club
  • Mine Craft Club
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Service Club
Two middle school girls posing for a photo on the beach at the weekend retreat
Students and administrators posing for a photo on stage as students are recognized for achievements in a math competition
TCIS middle school students research and create for their presentation at the interactive exhibit for language and culture
TCIS Grade 7 class gathered around a track for testing CO2 cars designed and built with 3d printing.




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