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Spiritual Life Programs

The Spiritual Life Office exists at TCIS to help fulfill that part of the school mission to develop a Christian environment among the community and to offer additional positive experiences for spiritual growth outside the classroom. Spiritual Life programs provide a variety of opportunities for students and staff to be involved in Christian ministry. These opportunities help to develop people who are willing to lead in purposeful change within this world.

“All of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.” - 1 Peter 3:8


At the core of our school culture is our Christian mission. Built on strong Biblical foundations, we like to think we represent the best of what Christian community should be. Here at TCIS, we promote Christian values of unity, peace, kindness, respect, love, and service, along with academic values of open-mindedness, critical thinking, and effective communication. What we have on our campus is truly 'one of a kind' in Christian education.

Christian families love what we have to offer. Children are given opportunities to learn and grow in their faith while receiving a top-rated education. Students can engage in ministry within many contexts and practice their faith daily.

Families and students who are not Christian tend to appreciate the safe and loving community that we have created. Many times, we've had parents approach our school leadership saying "We are not Christian, but we could not ask for a better place for our children to be raised – learning goodness and the kinds of values that we want our children to have."


There are many opportunities for the entire community to practice and grow in their faith. Some of the larger programs include:



Shared with the weekly Assembly, Chapel offers a time to celebrate God and the community. Through praise, as well as prayer and a variety of speakers, students and staff are given an opportunity to connect with God together. There are two Chapel services held in each 8-day cycle, one chapel for Grades K-5 and one for Grades 6-12.

Chapels are presented by a mix of faculty, students and guest speakers.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) is a three-day event in which the school takes time to focus on Christian spiritual matters as a community. It is a time of learning and reflection, as well as a time of bonding for students and staff together. Centered around a theme, the community learns from speakers, engages in praise and worship, participates in community-building activities, and spends time thinking and discussing real issues dealing with our students and their faith journey.

TCIS student playing with young friends in India during a Spring LASA trip.

LASA Service Trips

As one of our core values, TCIS strives to encourage students to a life of service in their communities. The LASA program (Love All, Serve All) provides a weeklong opportunity each year to serve the needs of less privileged people outside of Korea.

We want students to understand what kind of good work is being done in the world and to give students an opportunity to engage in those things. These trips are life-changing events. [Read more about the LASA Program]

Praise Team

Students with a passion for music have the opportunity to lead praise and worship in Chapel and other events in our school.

This program offers a great experience for music group leadership. Song selection, musical styling, mood, and other considerations are student produced under the guidance of the Student Ministries Coordinator.


Most mentor relationships happen in the course of normal programming at TCIS.

For those who are looking for a specific connection, as a short- or long-term arrangement, the Student Ministries Coordinator works together in order to connect students who would like to speak with a teacher regularly for one-on-one talks about their faith and living it in their lives.


Fellowship is a school club in which students meet regularly to share about their lives and to pray for one another. Fellowship groups are all student-led prayer groups.

This is one of the most powerful programs at TCIS. Students supporting and praying for each other are some of the most impactful and inspiring experiences they can have in their faith.

Community Ministries
There are many other opportunities supported by our local community, clubs, and student body that exist to minister to the needs of our students and reach outside of our community. These experiences give students humanitarian service opportunities and a chance to share their faith with others.



[A recent Field Day Event, sponsored by the TCIS Student Council during SEW.]




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