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Visual & Performing Arts

A high school boy and girl look at senior painting art displayed on the wall
The arts have the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.
– Sydney G. Clemens

The Arts For Balance And Beauty

The Arts are an important part of life and moves us in ways that are profound and deeply personal. They also connect us as thinking, feeling, and creative beings. The arts are about emotion, expression, and appreciation for things that are uncorporeal. The arts are a vital part of a holistic education that prepares students for a life of personal satisfaction, balance, and the enjoyment of culture. 

The Arts For Success

Most people know the positive learning impact that comes from engagement in the arts. Participation in arts can increase confidence and motivation, leading to positive perceptions and enjoyment for the learning process across subjects. Connecting personal expression with opportunities to create can help children with feelings of intrinsic value and understanding. The technical skills associated with education in the arts are fundamental skills that transfer across disciplines and support learning in other areas. Cognitive function and skills such as communication, oratory, creative thinking, presentation skills, social understanding, and the act of connecting things in sensory ways are developed in arts education – these are skills that are not always built organically in other subjects.

The Arts at TCIS

TCIS believes in holistic education, and every student is surrounded by the Arts from K-12. TCIS believes in holistic education, and every student is surrounded by the Arts from K-12. TCIS offers exciting and well-rounded programs for the enjoyment of visual arts, music, and theatre. Students have opportunities to create and perform at all grade levels with access to proper facilities and professional partners. These opportunities encourage students to progress and in their awareness of creativity. The Arts are a part of life at TCIS, and we also offer higher-level study options for students who would like to pursue further study and careers in the arts.

The TCIS arts program combines elements of fine and contemporary arts, digital media, and both theatre and musical arts. Opportunities are offered in a variety of formats for learners of all levels, from foundational instruction to personal development under mentor-style guidance. Learning happens in the classroom as a part of the curriculum, as a part of the co-curricular offerings for activities, and inter-disciplinary as a supportive element to learning.

Higher-level courses of study are an option for students that want to progress further in preparation for university and a career in the arts. Many TCIS students choose this route and go on to top art and design schools, conservatories, and technical arts schools around the world.


At TCIS, the arts are all around us!






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APAC Orchestra event at TCIS, hosting talented student musicians from international schools around Asia to collaborate at this special event.