Taejon Christian International School

The Arts

Art is a discovery and development of elementary principles of nature into beautiful forms suitable for human use. – Frank Lloyd Wright

The Arts are an opportunity to express our inner most desires, it allows people to transcend differences, and it encourages individuals to express themselves through varied forms of communication. The Arts are more than brass, paint, and scripts. It is the celebration of different perspectives and the appreciation for the infinite beauty that is the vision, sound and voice of God’s Creation.

TCIS believes in holistic education and every student is immersed in the Arts from K-12. Students have opportunities to create and perform at all grade levels with access to proper facilities and professional partners. These opportunities encourage students to excel and progress in their awareness of creativity. With small class settings, students are given the individual attention required that is proven as an indicator for future success. Further research shows that success in the arts improves learning in all other subject areas. We are proud to support student learning through a stellar arts program!

KAIAC Band Event 2018, hosted at TCIS
International schools from all over Korea came to TCIS under a guest director for a time of collaboration and learning. This three-day event culminated with a public concert.
Middle school students from all over Korea and China attended this three day drama workshop on the TCIS campus. It was a great time with some very talented young people and a number of amazing guest teachers from international schools around the world.

TCIS Spring Music Festival 2018
The annual spring performance, put on by our various secondary music ensembles.