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Music Arts

TCIS has a dynamic and creative program where all are encouraged to sing, perform, compose and explore their passion for music. An emphasis is placed on excellence and the creation of good music through proven teaching methods. The Orff and Kodaly approaches are integral to the PYP Music program and are extended in various forms to the Middle Years, Diploma, and Ensemble Programmes.

Music Program Opportunities

TCIS offers the following in Music Instruction before and after school. Our Ensemble Program occurs during the school day to bring in all levels of musicians and to create opportunities for excellence:

  • 9-12 Concert Band
  • 9-12 Strings Ensemble
  • 9-12 Orchestra
  • 9-12 Choral Ensemble
  • 6-12 Percussion Ensemble
  • 6-12 Jazz Band
  • 6-8 Concert Band
  • 6-8 Strings Ensemble
  • 6-8 Choral Ensemble

During the nice weather, orchestras and choirs [like this middle school orchestra]  often practice outside in the courtyard, making it an enjoyable event for all.


Our ensemble philosophy stands on the goal of creating music that is technically-sound and impacts the students as learners and musicians. Students are presented with a wide range of repertoire and are extended in their technique, tone, and understanding of musical conventions. Only through the transfer of knowledge and practice do students understand the power of performance.


Philosophy of Musical Education

In musical studies at TCIS, students embark on a journey of self-discovery and detailed learning from early history to the present. World Music and connections with contemporary composers are a significant part of the program. Having experienced a wealth of music from different genres, students find an individual voice for their own creations. Involvement in the reading, listening, and creating aspects of music improves student thinking and exemplifies the IB Learner Profile for a balanced, open-minded, and reflective approach to learning in all other subject areas.

With the teaching of composition linked to specific repertoire studied and then performed in our many ensembles, students gain a deeper understanding of music and its foundational building blocks. Understanding music means understanding its context and how the composer used certain elements to create a piece. To fully develop as musicians, students at TCIS learn and continually practice all skills relating to rhythm, melody, and harmony – and move toward stretching the application of these concepts in ever-increasing ways.

In all learning disciplines, we observe the past and develop new ideas from established models – and this is the same in music. Studying music through the lens of inquiry, students find an original voice.

Collaborative Learning & Performances

KAIAC and APAC ensemble festivals are a large component of our program as well as combining for a full orchestra at our yearly concerts. Ensemble managers plan and integrate repertoire into the classroom for greater learning connections and opportunities for skill transfer. IB Diploma students who choose the Group Performance option can work with our ensembles inside the classroom program to be successful. The ensembles also form an important role in performing student compositions from the Diploma Music Programme.

The TCIS Music Department is always building a program in conjunction with professional partners in the local community. TCIS hosts master classes or music lectures for surrounding schools as well as performing in local festivals. By sharing our music, the learning of all is enriched, and our students go on to prestigious tertiary education as balanced and highly proficient musicians.

APAC Orchestra event at TCIS, hosting talented student musicians from international schools around Asia to collaborate at this special event.




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