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The middle school cast practices onstage during a dress  rehearsal.
Middle school actors perform a scene on stage during a play.
High school students discuss mechanical things during rehearsal.
The high school cast sings on stage during a performance.
High school seniors perform on stage during the Spring Musical.
Middle school students stand at a pivotal scene in the performance.
The cast of the play performs a small scene at the side of stage.
Students perform an intense scene, creatively, as shadows against a fabric drop.
High school theatre class students practice on stage for small scenes and improv.
Two theatre class girls perform on stage as part of their unit assessment.

At TCIS, students are introduced to the expressive, meaningful and dynamic world of Theatre Arts. The courses offered introduce students to leading theater theorists and their acting techniques that have shaped the world of theatre. Students learn the many diverse aspects of staging a theatre production, from acting to theatre technician, with the experience of creating real mockups that give them a real and informed voice in the devising process:

  • Students are taken through theory and practice of dramatic technique within the classroom.
  • Students can participate in the major fall and spring productions at TCIS, generally one play and one musical production.
  • Students build their portfolios by participating in local theatre groups.
  • There are multiple opportunities throughout the school year to be involved in smaller performances connected to a variety of other TCIS programs and events.

The Benefit of Theatre

We often see theatre as one of the more under-appreciated activities among parents for developing student character. There is a lot of language and social learning that happens in the practice and performance of theatre production. Beyond the most obvious benefit of collaboration within a production team, students gain confidence in speaking and stage presence.

The ability to study oratory and practice speaking, combined with the self-reflection and mental control learned in playing a character, creates a formidable set of skills that serve children well in life. We see this evident in their school work at TCIS and also in our theatre alumni. They often cite their "fun times" in drama as being the producer of many of the most valuable skills in their career.

Middle school students from all over Korea and China attended this three-day drama workshop on the TCIS campus. It was a great time with some very talented young people and a number of amazing guest teachers from international schools around the world.




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