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Visual Arts

Why Are Visual Arts Important?

Visual arts are a crucial part of any child's development. Amongst the skills that can be gained are problem solving, non-verbal communication, spatial skills, and creativity. Brain research confirms that arts education strengthens student problem solving and critical thinking skills, adding to overall academic achievement, school success, and preparation for careers in the future.

The Visual Arts program at TCIS strives to create a new generation of creative thinkers in an increasingly changing society. In order for students to be prepared to compete in a global marketplace, they must be able to think creatively. Creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to uniquely solve problems are skills that cannot be outsourced, and they are critical for future careers. The ability to communicate and present ideas visually is a useful skill in most industries.

Abstract painting of an owl over a city scape on display at the TCIS senior art exhibit
TCIS community members discuss a work of art in the senior art exhibit
Two people taking a selfie at an artists collection on display at the TCIS senior art exhibit

Visual Arts For Every Student

The courses in the Visual Arts Department provide opportunities for exploration in art history, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and digital creations in 2d and 3d media. We help students to experience a variety of visual arts techniques, skills, and learning outcomes. The goal is to open a student's mind to creative ideals and train skills to a point of confidence, ultimately instilling a basic competence and a healthy enjoyment for the creative process. 

'Art Students' Program

For students with exceptional skill and/or the desire to pursue a major study of visual arts at university, the DP Visual Arts program provides an excellent format for developing technical skills, personal style, and process documentation to build a solid portfolio. Combining student initiative with TCIS art faculy mentorship has been a recipe for students creating work that they are proud of, and work that art and design schools appreciate for entrance into quality programs. Many TCIS art students have gone from our studios into top-50 arts and design schools all around the world, happily pursuing careers of inspirational creativity.


(Above) As 10th grade art students at TCIS begin their unit on pottery, they were given the opportunity to have their introduction presented by a true craftsman. Students traveled to a Gyeryonsang Mountain village to learn about the fundamentals of pottery making from Mr. Lim Seong Ho. Mr. Lim presented information about his craft, and students got to work through various foundational techniques for preparing the clay and a step-by-step process for creating their own pieces.




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