Taejon Christian International School

Admissions Requirements

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Welcome to the TCIS Community!

Our children are precious. Our children’s education is key to their future happiness and well-being. Our children have one chance to live, to learn, and to grow. We believe that every child has gifts and talents, as well as challenges. We treasure your child and take seriously the responsibility of educating and nurturing him or her. For nearly 60 years, studentsat TCIS have learned how to think, to lead, and to serve. You are invited to apply to the most prestigious IB Christian Boarding School in Asia!


Who is eligible to attend TCIS?

TCIS is registered in Korea as a “foreign school” and must follow the eligibility requirements of foreign schools. As such, foreign students must make up 70% of the total student enrollment. Students must meet one of the following:

To be eligible as a "foreign" student, the student must meet the following criteria:
  • Children living in Korea with at least one parent that holds a non-Korean passport (does not hold Korean citizenship) are eligible to apply as a foreign student.
  • Children living outside of Korea with a parent(s) that holds a non-Korean passport & hold an international student visa to come to Korea are eligible to apply as a foreign student (permissible as of 2015.)


To be eligible as a Korean citizen (including dual citizens), the student must meet the following criteria:
  • Children must have studied outside of Korea for 3 years or lived outside of Korea for a total of 1095 days prior to enrollment, are eligible to apply.



Who can apply to TCIS?

  • TCIS enrolls students in Kindergarten 1 (must be 4 years old as of August) through grade 12.
  • Students may live in the Daejeon area with their parents or enroll in the boarding program in grades 6-12.
  • Students of any ethnicity or faith are welcome to apply.
  • English language proficiency requirements vary with grade level. Please contact the Admissions Office for details.

Admissions Standards

TCIS admits highly motivated students based on a review of the following:

  • Admission Test Results: English, Writing, Math (grades 3 & up)
  • Interviews
  • Teacher Recommendations & School Reports
  • Transcripts, Standardized Test Scores
  • Priority Seating Availability


Application Timelines

TCIS processes applications on a "rolling" basis. Whenever a student applies for admission, the Admissions Office will process the application as quickly as possible.

However, in order to ensure completion of the admissions process in time to start school on the first day of the Fall or Spring Semester, we ask you to try to follow these timelines:

  • Apply by May 1st to ensure you can begin classes on the first day of the Fall Semester (August).
  • Apply by December 1st to ensure you can begin classes on the first day of the Spring Semester (January).
  • Late Applications may be accepted on a "space-available" basis.

Click here for details about the Admissions Process.

Contact Information

For personal guidance through the application process or if you have any questions during the process, please contact the Admissions Office by email to admissions@tcis.or.kr or by calling (82) 042-620-9116.