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Merit Scholarship

Taejon Christian International School seeks to encourage academic scholarship, competitiveness, and all-around educational excellence by providing merit scholarships to highly-deserving high school students enrolling in Grades 10, 11, and 12 at the school. (Grade 12 students may receive the distinction of the BOT Merit Scholarship but not the financial award.) The school also seeks to support the matriculation of deserving students from TCIS to highly selective colleges/universities worldwide by recruiting and retaining a strong cohort of high school scholars at the school.


Merit Scholarship Policy

  • The TCIS BOT Merit Scholarship is a conditional one-year award, granted to deserving applicants.
  • Scholarships are awarded on the basis of evidence from the individual student application portfolio presented to the Merit Scholarship Committee and evaluated against set criteria.
  • All scholarship recipients’ performance at TCIS will be reviewed against the criteria at the end of the first semester.
  • The scholarship may be discontinued if the recipient does not pass this mid-term review.



Applicants will be considered using the following criteria:

  1. Academic Achievement: The candidate must be either a current student at TCIS entering Grades 10, 11 or 12, or an incoming Grade 10 or 11 student who transfers to TCIS with an exceptional cumulative Secondary School Grade Point Average (GPA) from a rigorous high school program or middle school program. Intent or expression of intent to enroll as a full IB Diploma (DP) candidate student at TCIS will enhance the position of the applicant.
    ** The Scholarship criterion carries the heaviest weight in the process.
  1. Service: The candidate must submit evidence of outstanding service to their school and community.
  1. Leadership: The candidate must demonstrate a commitment to providing leadership in both academics and co-curricular activities.
  1. Character: The candidate must give evidence of strong character traits both in the classroom and in school activities.
  1. Passion: The candidate must give evidence of a specific area of ongoing passion in his/her life.


Application Deadline

Deadline for the 2023-2024 School Year:
Apply by May 15, 2023




How to apply:

  • Please read the Merit Scholarship Information document for more details about the TCIS Foundation Merit Scholarship award.
  • Fill in the Merit Scholarship Application Form to apply for the TCIS Foundation Merit Scholarship award.
  • Applicants will be contacted in August to set a date for the follow-up interview.
  • Winners will be announced after the start of the fall semester.
  • Awards will be given as a voucher toward the next tuition payment.

Please contact ssoffice@tcis.or.kr with any questions you may have.




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