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Eligibility & Requirements

International School Eligibility

TCIS is registered in Korea as a “foreign school” and must follow the eligibility requirements of foreign schools. As such, foreign students must make up 70% of the total student enrollment. Students must meet one of the following:

  • Students holding Korean citizenship (including dual citizenship) may apply if at least one parent is a foreign passport holder (and non-Korean citizen.)

  • Students holding Korean citizenship (including dual citizenship) may apply if they have studied for three full school years abroad or lived abroad for a total of 1095 days.

*Students attending as a foreign student from abroad must live in the country with a parent(s) or acquire an international student visa. TCIS is happy to help families apply for this visa.



Who can apply to TCIS?

  • TCIS enrolls students in Kindergarten 1 (must be 4 years old as of August) through grade 12.
  • Students may live in the Daejeon area with their parents or enroll in the boarding program in grades 6-12.
  • Students of any ethnicity or faith are welcome to apply.
  • English language proficiency requirements vary with grade level. Please contact the Admissions Office for details.


Admissions Standards

TCIS admits highly-motivated students based on a review of the following:

  • Admission Test Results: English, Writing, Math (grades 3 & up)
  • Interviews
  • Teacher Recommendations & School Reports
  • Transcripts, Standardized Test Scores
  • Priority Seating Availability

How can I find out if I am eligible to attend?

The easiest way is to contact us. Our Admissions staff know the guidelines and are experienced in working with families to determine eligibility. We can usually give families an idea if they are eligible with just a few questions. As the admissions process continues, we can also help families identify what sort of documentation needs to be acquired to show eligibility.

admissions@tcis.or.kr  /  +82.42.620.9116


Click here for details about the Admissions Process.




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