Taejon Christian International School

Tuition & Fees



TCIS Tuition & Fees (2019-2020 school year)

TCIS is a non-profit school. All tuition income is used for operating expenses and student programs. Please contact the Admissions Office or Finance Office if you have any questions about the tuition schedule.

Annual Tuition

    US Dollars   Korean Won
Elementary School (Grades K1-5)   $6,340.00 plus W 15,997,000
Secondary School (Grades 6-8)   $7,470.00 plus W 18,815,000
Secondary School (Grades 9-12)   $9,170.00 plus W 23,091,000

*A tuition discount of 20% will be given for younger siblings enrolled concurrently.
**Tuition includes non-refundable processing fees.

New Student Fees (Non-Refundable)

    US Dollars   Korean Won
Application Fee (Non-refundable)   --   W 300,000
Registration Fee (Non-refundable)   --   W 500,000
Capital Fee (Non-refundable)   --   W 4,000,000

Relevant Fees

    US Dollars   Korean Won
Senior Fee (Grade 12 student fee)   --   W 250,000
English Language Learner Program Fee (Grades 6-10)   --   W 1,500,000
English Language Learner Program Fee (Grades 11-12)   --   W 1,000,000
Lunch Fees        
• Grades K1-5 Lunch Program   --   W 936,000
• Grades 6-12 Lunch Program   --   W 1,044,000
School Bus Fee        
Daejeon Pick-up Points       W 2,300,000
Cheong Ju & Sejong Pick-up Points       W 2,800,000
(An additional fee may be required for other extended area bus service points.)        
Residence Program Fee (Grades 6-12)   $3,960.00 plus W 9,977,000
*Residence Capital Fee (One time fee for boarding students, non-refundable)   --   W 1,000,000


*A "Tuition and Fee Schedule" quoted entirely in USD can be made available upon request.



Explanation of Fees

Tuition - This is the standard cost for educational tuition at TCIS, by division (Elementary School and Secondary School.) All tuition fees are charged according to a combination of a USD and a KRW amount. Tuition is the total sum of these figures.


The following items are included in the tuition fees:

  • Standardized Testing (ISA, PSAT, MYP e-Assessments, IB DP exams,)
  • Textbooks
  • Basic supplies for science, visual arts, theater, etc.
  • Internet access in school and dorm
  • Special Needs support
  • Elementary & Secondary Co-Curricular activities
  • Varsity & JV sports: in-country transportation, uniforms
  • Secondary Fine Arts activities: Music, Drama, Forensics
  • Local service opportunities


Capital Fees - The Capital Fee is a one time contribution toward the infrastructure of the school, including furnishings, building maintenance, learning materials, etc.

Relevant Fees - Relevant fees are for services not directly related to tuition items. Families may consider these services necessary or un-necessary and may choose to make arrangements for these services as needed.


Discounts - Under certain conditions, tuition may be discounted from the amounts listed above:

  • If two or more children from the same family are enrolled concurrently, that family will be given a 20% discount on tuition for the younger siblings.
  • Employees of KAIST and IBS should contact the Admissions Office about benefits of our MOU agreement with these institutions.


Tuition and Fees Payment Schedule (2019-2020)


Returning Students Payment Dates

  • Parents wishing to pay the entire annual fee by April 18, 2019 will receive a 2% discount on the annual TUITION rate.
  • All first semester fees must be paid by May 16, 2019 to confirm registration and secure class scheduling.
  • All second semester fees must be paid by November 13, 2019 to confirm registration and secure class scheduling.

New Students Payment

  • Payment of all tuition and fees for the coming semester must be made within two weeks of notification of admission or prior to the first day of classes, whichever date occurs first.

Late Fees
Late fees will apply for payments made after the established due dates. Late fees will be calculated according to the following guidelines:

  • 1-30 business days late: 6% fee
  • 31-60 business days late: 8% fee
  • 60+ business days late: 10% fee


Late Entry Discount Schedule

Month of entry1st Semester2nd Semester
Full Semester Payment--
September20% Discount - From Fall Semester
(Tuition & Fees)
October40% Discount - From Fall Semester
(Tuition & Fees)
November60% Discount - From Fall Semester
(Tuition & Fees)
December80% Discount - From Fall Semester
(Tuition & Fees)
Full Semester Payment
February--20% Discount - From Spring Semester
(Tuition & Fees)
March--40% Discount - From Spring Semester
(Tuition & Fees)
April--60% Discount - From Spring Semester
(Tuition & Fees)
May--80% Discount - From Spring Semester
(Tuition & Fees)

Early Withdrawal Refund Policy

For students withdrawing before the scheduled end of the semester, TCIS will refund an appropriate portion of tuition and fees paid. After deducting non-refundable fees from the tuition and fees paid, a refund will be made by a monthly basis. All refunds are normally made in the currency of Korean Won.

Non-refundable Fees Include:

  • Application Fee
  • Registration Fee
  • Senior Fee
  • Capital Fee
  • Dorm Capital Fee

Early Withdrawal Processing Fees (non-refundable)

  • Grades K-5: 1,000,000 KRW
  • Grades 6-8: 2,000,000 KRW
  • Grades 9-12: 3,000,000 KRW
  • Dormitory: 1,000,000 KRW

In case of an event which causes a large mass of students to withdraw from the school, tuition and fees already paid for the school year, and normally partially refunded in accordance with the Early Withdrawal Refund Schedule, will not be refunded and any tuition & fees that are unpaid will be due and payable. This is defined as an event or effect, such as war, civil strife, labor unrest, or extreme weather, that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled and would adversely affect the school's financial situation. This policy is necessary to ensure the financial stability of the school and to provide resources for continued operations after the event has passed. Appeals to the application of this policy, in an individual case, may be made to the Finance Committee of the TCIS Board of Trustees.