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TCIS Tuition Price Estimate

When committing to an investment of this nature, cost is often one of the big factors to consider. It can also sometimes be confusing for families to understand what is included and identify optional or additional fees.

We want to help you answer the questions you have and get the information you need to begin considering our school as a possibility for your child (children).


PLEASE NOTE: What we are offering is an estimate given in good faith. This is not a contractual statement, but is an honest attempt to help you understand the costs you are likely looking at to enroll your child or children at TCIS. We will do our best to put an accurate picture together and identify other variable costs you might expect to see.

  • Estimates made from this form will be given based on the most current fee schedule available at the time of inquiry, but this may be subject to change depending on the current fees at the time of enrollment.
  • Please fill in all fields as best you can to help us make the most considered estimate possible.



How many children are you interested in possibly enrolling at TCIS?required
What grade do you expect your child to enter at TCIS?​​

What grades do you expect your children to enter at TCIS?

What grades do you expect your children to enter at TCIS?


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If yes, will your child (children) need care during dorm-closed weekends and holidaysrequired

Major Services

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TCIS, like many international schools, calculates tuition and fees based on a combination of USD and local currency (KRW). We can issue your cost estimate based on this traditional arrangement or we can prepare it entirely in USD (subject to a conservatively set exchange rate.)

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