Taejon Christian International School | Since 1958

International Boarding School in Korea

The Adams dorm celebrates their dorm father's birthday

A History of Care and Academic Support for Children

The TCIS Boarding Care Program has more than 60 years of history caring for families. Parents can rest assured that we understand the importance of “home” in the lives of young people. Students have come to us from all parts of the world and have found a loving home away from home.


Connection Between School and Dorm

The principles that drive TCIS as a school are the ones that shape our boarding culture. A holistic ethos that builds healthy, responsible, and balanced children is foundational. A spectrum of support helps meet the academic, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each student. Full- and part-time dorm staff are teacher-certified and have experience working with adolescents.

Boarding Values Structure Graphic

As a boarding community, we strive to promote:

Academic Excellence

A prime focus in the dormitory houses is to provide support for students to do well in their studies. Daily study halls, private study areas, group workspaces, and teacher availability are important. Close communication with teachers helps dorm staff to encourage students in helpful ways.

Caring Christian Community

A family-like atmosphere is the ultimate goal of the TCIS boarding culture. A child that feels safe and properly supported is one that can achieve at their personal best in any area. Built on Christian values of peace, kindness, and love, the atmosphere is one of warmth and welcome. Students of diverse cultures and faiths come together as close community.

While students of any faith are welcome, there are many strong opportunities for Christian teens to grow in their faith. Devotions and faculty mentors are at the foundation of daily encouragement for students. Bible studies, youth group, Sunday services, and a host of faith-based school activities are available as well.

Structure for Personal Growth

The format of the boarding program helps students to grow in character and life skills. Students learn time-management, communication skills, conflict resolution, community living, leadership skills, and others. Our boarding families often remark on the growth in maturity that they see in their children. Alumni return to tell us how much their time in boarding prepared them for university.

Strong Relationships

Students work together and live as family in the dorm. The friendships formed are typically very close ones that last a lifetime. Students in the same class year become especially close as they work and play together. Each year group has its challenges, and there is no one more understanding than those who are dealing with the same challenges. These student relationships remain especially strong throughout their school years and beyond. We are blessed to have so many boarding alumni come back to visit often.

Balance and Enjoyment of Life

We find that the most successful and fulfilled students are those who find balance in life. Students spend time engaging in clubs, building healthy relationships, and exploring their interests. The dorm environment is set up to be conducive for studying, but it is also full of laughter and fun times.