Taejon Christian International School


TCIS Boarding Program

The TCIS residence program has gained more than 60 years of experience in serving families who choose boarding to meet their particular needs. Parents can rest assured that the boarding program recognizes the importance of “home” in the growth and development of young people.

With full time dorm parents experienced in working with adolescents and with residence assistants that are primarily certified teachers, the program offers a full spectrum of support, meeting the academic, emotional, physical, social and spiritual well being of each student. The personal investment that goes into each student is for building future success and opportunity for each student. These rich interactions have made the TCIS boarding program a place where students often return throughout their lives with reports of their time here being some of the best years of their lives. 


Philosophy Statement

The TCIS Residence Life Program values students as individuals. Our staff aims to serve families by equipping internationally-minded learners to lead in purposeful change through self-development, community-mindedness, and spiritual/moral growth.

TCIS Residence Program Goals

The goal of the residence staff is to show care and encouragement to students in the following ways:

  • Be examples for Christ in all we do
  • Be good communicators with parents and teachers
  • Be intentionally interactive with students
  • Be responsible in our supervision
  • Be intentional in our service to others
  • Be dedicated to spiritual nurturing
  • Maintain a safe and homelike environment

Intended Student Outcomes

TCIS seeks to develop the following character traits in our dorm students:

  • Self-development
  • Community-mindedness
  • Spiritual/Moral Growth

Benefits in the Residence Life Program

Real care when the family is unable to live nearby
The TCIS residence program prides itself in providing full-time dorm parents that specialize in the personal guidance and care of young people. They believe that the “home life” of each student is foundational in developing the character and personal skills that they need to find future success.

Academic support
Families can have assurance that boarding students have the tools they need to academically succeed. Weekly communication with teachers provides an ongoing knowledge of student’s academic needs. Beyond the regularly supervised study halls in the dorms, boarding students also have access to the school facilities along with certified teacher residence assistants (TRAs) that provide subject specific support throughout the week.

Social experiences and growth
The dorm environment kindles an atmosphere that fosters healthy social living and personal growth in each student. The boarding facilities, structure and programs are specifically designed to build a sense of community and challenge students to contribute to wholesome social living.

Building of confidence and life skills
Students are encouraged to recognize their full potential and to value themselves and to develop the skills they need to be successful. The life skills they learn in the TCIS Residence Life Program equips each student with the knowledge of what it takes to be a contributor in life and the confidence it takes to make that happen.

Guided preparation
Experience in college dormitory living is similar to the residence program, and TCIS boarding helps prepare students for a smoother transition into college life. Students discover how to learn and live together in a protected and guided environment and develop the skills they need to make a smoother transition into college dormitory life.

Building of some of the closest and most satisfying friendships of a student’s life
Sharing the high school experience with dorm staff and friends often result in the development of lifelong friendships. Students enjoy returning to TCIS long after they have graduated to reconnect and reminisce with their dorm staff and friends.



Student Testimonials


The loving environment at the Residence Life Program integrated me into the community at TCIS and provided a home away from home. Not only did the Residence Life Program provide me with wonderful people who deeply love and care about me, but these are also the relationships that I am cherishing even after my graduation from TCIS. Living in this community allowed me to mature academically, emotionally, and spiritually, and I could not have dreamed of a better environment to spend my high school years in. – Graduated Dorm Student, Class of 2018


Personally, I believe the Residence Life Program taught me how to be a responsible and independent individual, which was especially important once I went to university. I learned not only about time management but also interpersonal skills. I also matured spiritually, thinking about philosophical issues and my personal relationship with God. – Graduated Dorm Student, Class of 2009


I consider TCIS my home because it was the place where I learned through living and also a place that molded me into the person that I am today. It was more than just a boarding program to me; it was a life-changing time where I built strong relationships with many brothers, sisters, mentors, and dorm parents. This is the most valuable experience I ever had growing into a young adult. – Graduated Dorm Student, Class of 2010


The Residence Life Program helped me to become successful in my education by challenging me to live out healthy lifestyle habits. It taught me that good education doesn't merely depend on the rigor of studying but a balance of diverse activities including sports, arts, and sometimes simply having fun with friends around you. I felt cared for by the staff's constant love and servant-hood exemplified in their everyday actions and words. I laughed and cried with my dorm family and these are some of the memories I carry with me as tokens of encouragement as I reminisce on times I was fully known and loved by the people of God. – Graduated Dorm Student, Class of 2011


The Residence Life Program not only was a place where I was able to establish intimate relationships with fellow dorm students but we were also able to focus on our education through daily study halls and learned time management. Although we lived far away from our families, we seldom felt empty as the dorm staff always made their best effort to make us feel loved and cared for. In addition, we became close to our dorm mates and ended up feeling like brothers and sisters. - Graduated Dorm Student, Class of 2013

Residence Life Program Coordinator profile photoTiece Adams
Residence Life Program Coordinator