Taejon Christian International School | Since 1958

Boarding Facilities

The TCIS dormitory building rising beside the outdoor athletics fields

Built in 2012, the beautiful TCIS campus holds a large on-campus dormitory complex. Students living in the dorms not only receive intentional and supportive care from our faculty and staff, but they have access to a variety of on-campus facilities to help meet their needs and make the dormitories feel a bit more like home.


See our facilities in 360-degrees!

Student Rooms

Student rooms are spacious and boast beautiful views of the soccer field, mountains or the local golf course. Most student rooms are set up for double occupancy and are equipped with beds, desks and multiple areas for storage and comfort. Students enjoy private bathrooms, large windows, and individual air conditioning/heating units. 

Faculty Apartments

Faculty apartments are located in each dormitory, with dorm parents located by the central common area and resident assistant apartments at the end of each student hall for easy accessibility to students. Students are invited to enjoy the “comforts of home” in faculty apartments and experience the warmth of home they provide.

Study Rooms

These rooms are part of the common area but slightly removed from the main flow of the dorm. These rooms are available in each dorm to accommodate both small study groups and individual study times, after school and during study hall. Study rooms are also located close to the dorm offices for academic support and supervision when required.

Dorm Offices

Dorm Offices are located in the main student commons of each dorm, and they serve as both a communications and supervision point.

Recreation Areas

These spaces are provided for students in each dorm to meet with friends to enjoy table tennis, pool, and a variety of other social activities.

Television Rooms

Located in each dorm, TV rooms serve as a great place for media entertainment and/or to meet with friends or study groups.

Athletics & Fitness Center

Students can foster a healthy lifestyle, practice their skills, and stay in good physical shape with access to the school's athletics facilities and fitness center.


Dining facilities are conveniently located on the ground floor of the dorm building so that students can come and go from the cafeteria without having to leave the building.

Dorm Nurse Office

Located adjacent to the residence building, the nurse's office provides easy access for student's injuries, medications, and consultations.

Techno Valley Neighborhood Access

The Techno Valley neighborhood is located just a short walk away from the TCIS campus. Convenient shuttle services to the local commercial area are regularly scheduled for students to go shopping, dine out, or attend to personal errands. Students can also be taken to and from local health clinics for emergencies and follow-up medical appointments.

Other Student Facilities

Kitchenette Facilities
Basic kitchen facilities are found in the student common areas of each dorm and are equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, and other minor appliances for students to freely use.

Laundry Facilities
These facilities are equipped with free washers, dryers, and laundry soap, and they are accessible to each dorm so that students can launder their clothes with ease and convenience.