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Life in the Dorm

Three boarding students have their birthday celebrated by the dorm family

A Day in the Life of a Dorm Student

Dorm students enjoy the convenience of living on campus in an environment that supports a healthy spectrum of opportunities and support. Campus life makes it easy to connect with teachers and friends or explore and pursue a wide variety of interests and activities. With the caring and guided support of the dorm staff, students learn to develop a healthy balance of living and learning.

"Good Morning"
Students are awakened in the mornings with time to prepare for their school day. Maintaining tidy dorm rooms is a part of the daily routine.

BreakfastWeekday mornings start with a nutritious breakfast served in the dorm cafeteria, offering students a chance to connect with friends before classes.

After School
The after-school hours are filled with school activities on sports teams, in the fitness center, at club meetings, or on service committees. Students can also spend some time socializing and running errands with their friends downtown. Or they might just catch a quick nap before dinner and study hall. The school facilities remain open to students who want to work and study, while academic assistance programs are also available to help support their academic success.

Dorm students enjoy hot dinners each evening, and the cafeteria remains open for the students coming home late from sports and activities. 

Study Hall
A two-hour study hall is supervised each evening where students can focus on their academics and work in a quiet atmosphere. Subject-specific academic support is offered weekly by certified Teacher Resident Assistants during this time.

A short time is taken each evening to meet as a “dorm family” and recap the day together and keep informed of upcoming events. The boarding program has developed a leadership curriculum course that they have integrated into this special time each evening. Students can earn leadership development course certificates depending on their completion of years in the boarding program.

Dorm Snacks and "Family Time"
Snacks are served every weekday evening. Dorms also enjoy family time, which gives an opportunity for students to enjoy the safety of being with their own dorm family and the closeness and comforts that those relationships bring.

In-room Time / Good Night
With a "quiet time" in place at 11:00pm (10:30 pm for middle school students), there is an appropriate setting for students to continue studying in their rooms and to go to sleep.

Two high school girls on a tandem bike pull over to the side of the road and pose for a photo in the fall colors
High school students roasting marshmallows around a campfire at TCIS during the Dorm Spiritual Retreat
The TCIS Adams Dorm students and faculty have a meal out at a Korean barbecue restaurant during Dorm Family Night

Special Events

Times of celebration and community building are important parts of dorm life. With special events such as dorm family nights throughout the year, students find opportunities to build special memories together.

Birthdays are always a special time for students, and each dorm celebrates them in its own way. Students feel special with birthday cakes or special treats.

Dorm Family Night
Special family outings are some of the favorite times of the year for many students. Students enjoy a special dinner or activity out on the town with their dorm families or a fun outing with the whole program. These are an excellent opportunity to get out of the daily routine and enjoy each others company in a fun new setting.

Open Gym Nights
Multiple times per week, dorm students have access to a special time of supervised activity in the gyms or on the soccer field – activities such as basketball, soccer, badminton, etc. It is a great time for socializing, stress relief, and personal health.

Weekend Outings
Weekends are an excellent time to get away from campus and go to a movie, concert, sports game, or a variety of local events with friends and dorm staff. They are also a great time to experience the many shops, markets, coffee shops, "norebangs" (karaoke), and restaurants available downtown.