Taejon Christian International School | Since 1958

Serving the World

Foreign School in the Heart of Korea

TCIS is situated in the heart of South Korea. In a country known for its passionate and widespread regard for education, TCIS represents a singular and exceptional educational experience. We are a foreign school in Korea, delivering three international IB programs based on US, Canadian, and British course standards. With the combination of Western academic programs with highly-qualified international faculty, and the opportunities available with global partners, TCIS offers a strong path for families looking toward university in the United States, Canada, or in international university programs around the world. 

Why Do Families Board With Us?

The TCIS Boarding Care Program makes education in this setting available for a wide range of families. Every family situation is unique to them, but we typically find that families often seek us out for some common reasons:

  • Families from other cities in Korea send their children to TCIS for international education in this quiet, healthy environment. They appreciate the quality of education and that it is away from the congestion of larger cities. Both foreign and globally-minded Korean families looking for international middle and high schools find us a happy alternative to sending children out of Korea looking for the education they want.
  • Foreign/ex-pat families from outside of Korea choose to attend TCIS for the quality of education and the international experience abroad. They see and appreciate that this is a safe and developed country, full of beautiful culture.
  • Korean families abroad typically send their children to connect with their home country while maintaining the familiarity of western education and continuing toward their ultimate goals for university and careers in the West. Some Korean families abroad also send their children when they are unhappy with local schooling options, knowing TCIS to be a quality school, and knowing Korea to be a safe environment.
  • We are beginning to see a trend of foreign families looking ahead to Korean universities and seeing TCIS as a preparation and transition opportunity. Students may come to TCIS for high school and gently become accustomed to life in Korea. They may reach out and explore the local culture, language, and idiosyncracies at their own pace while still being rooted and cared for in an international school environment.
  • Some families come to us for Christian education as a primary factor, and these families typically choose TCIS because we represent a higher academic standard than many others. We see it is our mission to provide the highest quality of education. We are fully accredited, we hire highly-qualified teachers, and we have aligned ourselves with a rigorous curriculum. We have also adopted the best of American, Canadian, British, and other national course standards. We have built a rigorous academic program, and beginning with this as a framework, we intentionally build in a Christian worldview, community values, mentor relationships, and optional opportunities for actively developing one's faith.
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Where Do Our Families Come From?

Serving Seoul

A large number of our boarding high school and middle school students have traditionally come to us from Seoul. Many families have discovered the academic programs and small-community feel, and they want their children to have that. Many, if not most, of our Seoul boarding students, commute home on the weekend. They receive the benefits of international education and the boarding experience while still staying connected with family. This arrangement is such a big part of our school and history that our parents sometimes call us "the best international school in Seoul."

Serving the US, Canada, and Europe

A number of families come to us from across the United States, Canada, and Europe. These are farther distances to travel, but families are intrigued and encouraged by the opportunities presented within the idea of an international school in Korea. These opportunities represent a unique educational story that sets them apart from their contemporaries.

Serving China and Hong Kong

We also have families that come to us from China and Hong Kong. We offer a solid education option that is not always so readily available to many families. We also attract families who want a quality education with a Christian ethos, which isn't as accessible in some areas. The proximity makes it relatively easy for students to return home for major holidays, important family events, and for families to visit occasionally.

Serving the World

These locations represent where our families most commonly come to us from, but we also have students boarding with us from around the world. We have welcomed families from Russia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Peru, South Africa... and many more from all corners of the globe.

The Beauty of Daejeon

Full of quiet culture and outstanding natural beauty, Daejeon boasts the best of big-city opportunities like Seoul or Busan, and immediate access to Korea's mountains and rivers. The total population of the city is 1.5 million people, but it is spread out through a sprawling river valley, meaning that one is never too far from a mountain hike or a biking path.

Local Korean and ex-pat families choose Daejeon because it is a safe, comfortable, and healthy place to live. The pace of life is a bit slower and more relaxed. Our families from Seoul, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, etc. love that there is less congestion and a healthier perceived lifestyle. 

Our campus sits on a hill overlooking Techno Valley, an area of forerunning innovation in research and design for Korea and all of Asia. Techno Valley is a self-contained neighborhood located on the northern edge of the city, slightly separated from the busier city center.