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Admissions Eligibility Check

TCIS is registered in Korea as a foreign school and 70% of the student population must be "foreign students" as defined in one of the following ways. *Please note that official documentation must be submitted in order to verify eligibility. The application process cannot proceed without this appropriate documentation.

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Education / Personal Background

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Please provide which grades and calendar years attending TCIS previously. Also, please let us know the reason for having left​.​​
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With whom did they live and what was their relationship to the student? What was the length of stay?​
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Understandings and Agreements

In making this application, the applicant certifies his/her understanding that:

1) The mission of Taejon Christian International School is to provide international students a high quality internationally-based education within a Christian environment utilizing positive educational experiences and biblical foundations for spiritual growth.

2) Fees and tuition are payable in advance in both U.S Dollars and Korean Won in consultation with the TCIS Finance Office.

3) Each applicant for admission to TCIS shall be considered on his/her own merit.

4) Parents have an obligation to return the completed Application for Admission, Student Health Form, and previous schools’ academic records before the student is considered for admission.

5) Inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading information may be grounds for dismissal.

6) The dormitory is for students who are in the 6th through the 12th grades.

To be considered for admission, applicants must submit with this application:

1) Completed TCIS Application for Admission

2) School Report and two Teacher Recommendation Letters (one for elementary applicants)

3) Completed TCIS Health Form

4) Official Transcript (Previous 3 years), relevant standardized exam results, and exit grades (if applicable) from previous schools attended.

5) Copy of student’s & parents’ passports (First two pages that include photograph)

6) Copy of Certificate of Entry & Exit to Korea (For Korean passport)

7) Copy of student’s & parent’s Alien Registration Card (For foreign passport holder)

Personal Information Understanding and Agreement

According to the “Personal Information Protection Act,” I understand that this information will not be used for any purpose other than school admissions. I agree to provide personal information to TCIS for usage in the admissions process. Falsification or withholding of any information, including passport, birth date, parent information, or school records (academic or behavior) will result in denial of admission, possible dismissal, and/or possible notification to immigration authorities. The school retains the right to require any documents necessary to verify the applicant’s residency, parental or citizenship status. If there is any question regarding the authenticity or source of the documents presented, it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide such proof as necessary to document student eligibility.

Daejeon Residency Understanding and Agreement

I acknowledge that while my child is attending TCIS, he/she must be living in the Daejeon Metropolitan Area with one or both parents, if not enrolled in the TCIS boarding program. Failure to comply with the residency requirement is considered grounds for immediate dismissal from Taejon Christian International School.