Whether you are a TCIS graduate, attended TCIS for a small period of time or are former faculty/staff here, we would love to hear about what's happened since you left. Please tell us a little bit about where you are in life and share some of your happiness and success with us!

We may, every now and then, select a story or update to share in an alumni newsletter style publication. We will always look for your confirmation that this is okay, but it's great when we have some good news about friends and colleagues that we haven't heard from in a while!

Preferably the name you went by at TCIS (maybe the name used in the yearbook might be good to include.)​​
When were you with us here at TCIS (ex. 2002-2007?)​
We would love to hear a brief and uplifting account of what's been going on since your time at TCIS. It doesn't have to be very long, just let us know what you've been up to and/or share recent successes and events in your life. (Please try to relate stories with a positive attitude.)​
As mentioned, we may periodically choose an alumni update to share in a newsletter publication, if you are agreeable to us doing so. Please let us know if you are okay with us sharing your update publicly in such a manner.​​