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Soccer girls come together and celebrate a goal during conference game play

Community is Important

The school community arguably sits alongside a well-developed curriculum as the most important factor that influences how effective a school is at delivering education. A culture of safety, trust, intentional care, creativity, curiosity/inquiry, risk-taking, and focus are all so important. It takes special teachers, students, leadership, vision, and a lot of careful tending in order to create such an atmosphere in our community.

Beyond that, TCIS is known for having one of the kindest, warmest, and closest-knit communities anywhere. This is the kind of atmosphere that most families hope to find for their children. It it really is a good place to raise children and an environment that allows for a healthy education mindset.




Graduating Seniors praying at graduation ceremony

Christian Community Focus

An important part of how we engage in Christian education is in the promotion of specific values. We consider peace, unity, respect, love, and selflessness to be foundational values and are at the heart of Christian fellowship and healthy community in general. Regardless of personal faith, these are principles that foster friendship, understanding, and collaboration. Policy and tradition promote these qualities at TCIS, and the atmosphere is felt and carried by stakeholders at all levels.





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