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A group of men and women pose for a group photo on a soccer field holding a banner reading, %22Welcome Home TCIS Alumni%22


Three things that stand out about TCIS as a school are holistic academic programs, supportive extracurricular learning with leadership opportunities, and a strong community.

The TCIS community does not only consist of those currently enrolled, but also includes those students, parents, faculty, and other partners that have shared in and contributed to what we do throughout our long history. Every year builds upon the last. Those who have moved from TCIS all around the world have paved the way for those who excel today. Current TCIS students work upon the quality and reputation built by the hard work and successes of those who have gone before.

We love to see our returning students and hear about what they are now doing. We are proud of the people our students continue to become. We welcome them back to share with the old and new faces on campus - about how they have worked, about how they have taken risks and about the opportunities that have presented themselves.

We invite any and all TCIS alumni to visit our campus when they are in the area. We invite you to see the new campus and to reconnect with faces you remember from your time here. Please know that we are happy to see you!

We would love to reconnect with you, Alumni! We would like to hear what you are doing and would love to share with you what is going on at TCIS as we continue to grow and carry out our mission.

A TCIS %22mini-reunion%22 at TCIS high school sweethearts wedding.
(Above: Alumni life events are often TCIS reunions–Congratulations, James and Veronica. )







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