Taejon Christian International School

Community Services

Part of effectively educating a child is making provision for the meeting of some basic physical needs. TCIS offers the following programs in the community to help meet these needs in the lives of our students and faculty.

Food Service

Our Food Service Partner
TCIS has contracted with JJ Catering to provide a full-service food program that includes healthy, balanced meal choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering a blend of Korean and international cuisines. Boarding students eat breakfast and dinner in the cafeteria, and all students have the option of eating lunch in the cafeteria or bringing their own lunch.



A state-of-the-art kitchen and two cafeterias provide buffet-style meals during lunchtime for all divisions. The facilities include two meeting rooms for student clubs to use during lunch meetings.

Food Committee

A Food Committee consisting of representatives from students, parents, faculty, staff, and food company meet regularly to improve the cafeteria service and menu choices.

Lunch Payment Plans

  • Students in grades K1-12 wishing to receive the school lunch service should commit to enrolling in a prescribed meal plan, either one semester at a time or for the full year.


Food Restrictions


JJ Catering is sensitive to the fact that some people have food allergies or food restrictions for various reasons. Signs are posted whenever foods contain certain common allergens such as wheat, eggs, pork, and dairy. Students on restricted diets may ask cafeteria management for help to meet their dietary needs.

Bus Service

TCIS School Bus Service

TCIS provides an optional school bus service as a convenience for students (for an additional fee.) All TCIS drivers are experienced drivers with outstanding safety records and most have worked at TCIS for many years. For safety and convenience, buses are equipped with seat belts, CCTV cameras and Internet access.

Bus Routes

Buses run before and after school, and one additional late bus for those who participate in after school activities and sports.

The bus routes cover the major residential areas of Daejeon (subject to change):

  • Yuseong-gu (No-eun, Dun-san, Jun-min, Do-ryong, Sang-dae)
  • Seo-gu (Do-an, Mun-hwa, Tae-pyung, Kal-ma)
  • Sejong and Cheong-Ju Cities

On weekends, TCIS offers a bus to and from Seoul for dorm students who wish to go home for the weekend (available by personal payment.)

Contact the Transportation Department for more information: +82-42-620-9053

Health Service

Health & Well-Being

Children must be healthy in order to learn and grow. Health education is incorporated throughout the TCIS curriculum. Classes in Physical Education and Health are part of the PYP & MYP Curriculum. Juniors & Seniors are expected to be actively engaged in sports or other physical activity. Healthy food choices, an active lifestyle and adequate sleep are important aspects of good health. TCIS promotes healthy living among students and faculty.

Health Care Professionals

TCIS employs two fulltime, licensed, experienced nurses to provide health support every school day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm for all students and staff.

School Nurse

Our licensed staff is available to offer:

  1. First aid care
  2. Emergency services and hospital escort
  3. The dispensing of prescription medications
  4. The dispensing of over-the-counter medications (as directed by parents)
  5. Contacting parents about illnesses and injuries
  6. Tracking individual illnesses, immunizations, and TB testing
  7. Monitoring air quality and advising the school administration when outdoor activity should be restricted
  8. Providing information to the TCIS community concerning various health issues, such as flu vaccinations, contagious diseases, epidemics and general hygiene practices.

Medical Facilities

The Health Center includes two offices and a four-bed facility for students who become ill and need to rest during the school day. An ice machine is onsite for injuries. Several top quality hospitals are located within a few minutes of campus for emergency treatment.