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Please fill in the follow form to begin the online application process. At the end, you will be given notice about the completion of your application, as well as some direction on what documents need to be submitted (by email) to supplement the application process. Our Human Resources and Administration Offices will review your application in light of current needs, and they will contact you for any next steps. Thank you for your interest in joining the TCIS family!

Please note that the following documents need to be submitted with your application in order to be properly considered:

  1. Before finaliziing and submitting this online application, you will be asked to attach your Professional Resume/CV.
  2. After completing and submitting this online application, it is requested that you email your Proof of Teaching Certification and a "Record of Transcripts" showing achievement of your professional degree. We ask that you email these documents to tcishr@tcis.or.kr.