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Giving to TCIS

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Non-profit Organization

TCIS is a not-for-profit school, and all money collected goes toward areas of operations and growth. Money is managed to provide a wide variety of educational programs and rich supportive activities programs while keeping tuition costs as low as possible. We rely on the support of friends in the community to help supplement program needs, which is done through generous gifting to the school's Annual Fund.

Why Give to the TCIS Annual Fund?

Simply said, support through the Annual Fund helps make our extraordinary school even BETTER! Gifting allows us to provide more opportunities for students through academic programs, resources, facility additions and upgrades, technology, and many other ways.

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to give to our school:

  • They want their children to have those opportunities that come with additional funding.
  • They believe in the mission of TCIS and want to be a part of providing high-quality Christian education.
  • They are grateful for the education received at TCIS and want to support the next generation of students, enabling them to do more and go farther.
  • They see an investment in our student's education as an investment in the future... for the future of this generation, for the future of Korea, and for the future of the world.
  • There are also other, perhaps more personal, reasons for seeing children succeed in education at our school.

For whatever reasons, partnership with TCIS through the annual fund is very much appreciated. It is also a very real way to be involved in the growth and improvement of our school.


How Will Gifts Be Used At TCIS?

Gifts to the Annual Fund go directly into our regularly-audited budgets to better the school and its programs. The Head of School, Board of Trustees, the Development Office and other school leaders consider the support given, and they designate it according to current operational needs as well as the school's long and short-term improvement plans.

Funds that are generously donated to the Annual Fund are usually given in an unrestricted manner to be used by the school according to current needs; however, you can designate your annual support to one of the following areas if you feel strongly about doing so:

Current Needs
Activities Programs
STEM Development
Financial Aid


How Does One Give to the Annual Fund?

We are always appreciative of gifts given to our school. Whether in large or small amounts, given annually or given as a one-time offering, we would like to say "thank you" for your support of students and learning.

Our Finance Office is best able to receive and report gifts when given through wire transfer to our regular receiving account. There are certainly other ways that one may give financial support to the school, and our Development Office would be happy to speak with you and help to make arrangements.

If you would like to give to the TCIS Annual Fund, we would ask that you contact the Development Office to discuss your support. We would like to say, "Thank you" once again for your consideration and your partnership.

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